Just Who The Heck Is Terry Bogard, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Latest DLC Fighter?

NintendoLife: “The news that Terry Bogard is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has triggered some rather polarising responses from Nintendo fans. For gamers of a certain vintage, Bogard's name is synonymous with SNK's superb lineage of one-on-one fighting games, stretching all the way back to 1991's Fatal Fury: King of Fighters (not to be confused with The King of Fighters, a series which would spin-off from Fatal Fury a few years later). However, we were struck by the number of people on social networks we witnessed who seemed to have absolutely no idea who this cap-wearing pugilist was; it was at this point that we suddenly felt very, very old.

While some fans have questioned why Terry is being included in the game (and some even ponder who the devil he is), to us, he's a worthy addition. Just like Street Fighter's Ryu, Terry Bogard is one of the elder statesmen of the fighting game genre; hopefully, by making the leap into Smash Bros. Ultimate, he can find a whole new audience that perhaps even eclipses the one he enjoyed during his peak in the 1990s.”

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Eien613d ago

Smash players : "Smash bros. is a real fighting game"
Also Smash players: "Who the fuck is Terry Bogard?"
FGC : *facepalms*

Sgt_Slaughter613d ago

Not even just Smash players, tons of sub-25 year old players going "What's SNK and Neo Geo?" and thinking SNK is not popular when they were the King of Arcades for decades.

coolastheycome613d ago

Umm....I'm a Smash player and I know who Terry Bogard is. Not everybody that plays smash is a kid.

xTonyMontana613d ago

It's an ongoing FGC joke. The competitive Smash scene and the competitive FGC are like water and oil.

King_Noctis613d ago (Edited 613d ago )

I don’t think people need to know every characters from every fighting games out there. I know Terry because I used to play arcade game and some older SNK games, but not everyone does that.

By the way, how is Smash not a real fighting game?

Teflon02613d ago

imo not knowing Terry means you don't really know much about fighting games because he's one of the household names even if KOF isn't booming like it use to be. Anyone else in KOF I understand but Terry? I mean, I wanted a more unique fighter than him. But he's the obvious one once you seen KOF. They even put him in Waifu KOF as a girl Terry. It's just near impossible to play fighting games and not know the guy

Teflon02613d ago

A brawler isn't considered a fighting game in some sense and I kind of agree. You don't think of beat em ups as fighting games. Brawlers like Power stone I wouldn't call a fighting game. I just think of it as a brawler. It's the same with smash. Just the game is popular enough to make ppl take it serious in the competitive scene so mechanic tuning has happened to make it competitive which game it a spot in the fgc. I wouldn't downplay it as a game. But it's not a fighter in the sense of a Fighting game. It's a fighter in the sense of a more technical brawler. But the point is, if Terry was added to SF as a guest, MK as a Guest, Tekken as a Guest. It wouldn't be a big question mark, it would be hype to see a cool crossover of a legend. It kinda shows why they kinda see Smash as it's own thing and not exact a piece of the actual FGC.

PurpHerbison612d ago

Smash is a party game. The competitive scene strips it of all the fun party stuff. Still a party game at the end of the day.

mgszelda1612d ago

I remember playing fatal fury after a hard days work at the slate rock and gravel company with my pals fred and barney.

godashram612d ago

Pretty much. It's funny though, Tekken gets Geese and people were like "cool". Soul Calibur gets Haomaru and people are "That's pretty awesome"

Smash gets Terry and some people are like "Terry Who?"

It's not like Terry hasn't been in a game since the 90s. KOF 14 released just a few years back.

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thepatientgamer613d ago

someone's gotta read up on some GGGAAAMMMMEEEESSS

613d ago
Godmars290613d ago

Actually, more Ryu, primary protagonist of his worlds lore.

Segata613d ago

If you don't know who Terry is then quit playing games now.

WheatBread613d ago

When I play single, I use Terry Bogard. When I play team, I use Terry Bogard, King, and Ryo.

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