Sony promises better moderation system for LBP

From PS3Fanboy:

It appears that LittleBigPlanet moderation has been incredibly aggressive, with some levels being removed from LBP servers completely -- without warning, and without reason. Creators, who have spent hours on building levels, don't have access to any backups when their levels are deleted off the face of the internet. Obviously, the sudden deletion of their levels have them quite peeved.

Many of the levels in question involve copyrighted content. For example, levels based on Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. series may be wiped out. Even levels based on Sony's own God of War have been removed. While we understand Sony's need to ensure proper moderation against copyrighted material (they don't want to be sued, of course), this is the wrong way to approach it.

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VampHuntD3654d ago

But We'll have to see how it's executed.

Noctis Lucis Caelum3654d ago

Very true, I just hope it isn't tyranny

Bubble Buddy3654d ago

How bout helping me fix my LBP trophies being stuck :(.

Dir_en_grey3654d ago

LBP should be treated like a pencil, paint, paint brush or any other artistic creation tool.

Having copy-righted material levels on the game servers might be a problem, but if you were to be able to save your own save files per level and be able to distribute it to your friends, it's like you drawing a painting of any copy-righted material and giving it to your friend, you are not charging money for it, and it's a creative replication of the copy-righted material instead of a direct replica, then this should not be deemed illegal.

If a person were to just post photos of copy-righted material, he's distributing it through other means like email and hosting it on his own domain or torrenting, as long is it's not through Sony's servers then the copy right infringement is by that person and should have nothing to do with Sony.

Mr_Bun3654d ago

I'm confused...even if your level gets deleted from the server, you still have the level in "My Moon"...they can't delete that also...can they?

theKiller3654d ago

but some people will be pissed if they worked hours and days on a level and then its vanishes, at the same time they should copy cat exactly the materials of other games, somehow moderators should warn or inform players about copy right content by giving an video example or something like that, they also should give a small tutorial about how to avoid copy right content by change or editing the original game contend so that it doesnt look like an exact copy,

but any way if someone is making a level with out taking elements from other games directly then he/she should be fine! just make sure ur levels is not a copy of someone else work example look at the shadow of the colossus level, they made the same idea but very different monster.

fredrikpedersen3654d ago

So thats why I couldnt find the GoW level.. Jesus, this sucks -.-

Mr_Bun3654d ago

That level was awesome...too bad they got rid of it!

kevnb3654d ago

do they think they will be in court with themselves?

theKiller3654d ago

good question, but i think they r worried that the devs who made the actual games get made at them, God of War was not made my sony but by some clever people who spent a lot of time on making them right and copy righted!!

ryuzu3654d ago

If it's missing now (assuming it's the one I played in the beta) I imagine it has been removed due to the "violent" content rather than any copyright issue.

It had you causing the "deaths" of various "people" and running through "dead bodies". All that stuff is in quotes because of course it's all LBP constructed stuff - but even so, for an everyone rated game I remember thinking that it's imagery was perhaps a little too violent for younger players...

Anyway, if Sony is filtering based on how crap a level is then I'm fine with that. Censoring violence - well that's the world we live in so OK.

Today I played the Mirror's Edge level online, and a couple of others all of which borrow stuff from outside, so I think this isn't a copyright issue - more an appropriate content issue...


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Ps3Fanboy7773654d ago

Game is really cool they need to get this under control however.

ultimolu3654d ago

Yeah, I hope they don't go too far with it because it'll ruin the game.

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