Are We Sold on Google Stadia?

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "We are just a few more months away before Google will be stepping into the gaming scene with their own streaming platform with Google Stadia. Whether it is a known success and changes the way we play games or fails miserably is yet to be seen but for now, all we can do is wonder about what may or may not happen. While there is still much uncertainty regarding this new project, many have been eagerly awaiting to see how it will perform, but we wanted to get our thoughts together on if we plan on picking up the streaming service or if we are going to on it and go back to playing on our current consoles."

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demonic3647d ago

All pre-ordered and can't wait till November. I also honestly don't care what anyone else thinks, Stadia is perfect for my needs.

ilikestuff47d ago

What are those needs exactly? I think this stadia is doing a lot of double talking, I don’t believe 1/3 of what they say. Big promises need big deliveries. Am I right gang?!?

KillZallthebeast47d ago

Zoinks Fred I would agree but look behind you it's a g-g-ghost pirate!

demonic3647d ago

I don't have a PS4 or Xbox and at this point it's not worth buying one with the next gen happening next year. So until that happens Stadia will fill in the gap.
Everything is going to be streamed in the future so what's the point in getting upset and annoyed about it now?

zacfoldor47d ago

I look forward to your review.

THC CELL47d ago

Be full of dust before the years out. And u do care that's what u put it for the reaction

demonic3644d ago

I care in as much that I will be getting it regardless of what people think, so in a way I suppose I care a little, you're correct.

TheCaptainKuchiki47d ago

Be ready to be disappointed. Google always overpromises, underdelivers then when it flops they cancel everything like it never happened.

Thunder_G0d_Bane47d ago

Lool pay for a game streaming service that you have to then pay for the games to play? Lool that’s like Netflix charging you a monthly sub and asking you to then pay per movie you watch.

Fuck That.

demonic3644d ago

You're paying for a "service" ... by your own argument, you should get a free Playstation 4 or Xbox one and only pay for the games?. The monthly subscription is optional as they will be releasing the free version in 2020, so your logic doesn't hold up.

Aeery47d ago

Thanks for your contribution to build a perfect future (for them).

demonic3644d ago

Thank you for not realising you don't have a choice. The future will all be streaming! take a long hard look around at all the new technology and you will see that this WILL happen. Hence why Sony and Microsoft are also doing streaming stuff soon.

GreenDragonCVR47d ago

you don't like owning the games you pay for?

demonic3647d ago

No different than netflix or youtube music or spotify.

rainslacker47d ago

I would think one of the console makers services would be better. Theyll be cheaper, and MS is promising the same performance as google, and Sony is reportedly looking to improve their streaming. Google, like all console makers, will be having to fight for content to be put on the service, and if it doesn't take off quick, that support will dwindle pretty fast

Elwenil47d ago

So you joined 31 days ago and have made many posts supporting Stadia.


demonic3644d ago

I didn't join 31 days ago, this is a new account with a new email address as I was having trouble with my old account. I've had an account with N4G for as long as I can remember.
I'm not going to lie, I support Stadia! But I'm also looking forward to the PS5 and Scarlett.

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TheVigilanteCode47d ago

We're not even "sold on" Project xCloud, from a company that has a VAST array of amazing (currently active and dormant) first party IP, more than 15 first party studios working on more first party content with the company doubling down on investments, a current gen console(s) and an upcoming next generation console next year, a mobile controller and a revamped mobile program, as big a data center infrastructure as google and amazon, and a game rental subscription (with more than 200+ games) for $10/mo to begin with.

And then you're talking about Stadia, LOL.

UltraNova47d ago

Good luck convincing people with logic and facts.

demonic3644d ago

I don't need to convince people, but I will correct people when they talk as if they know what they're talking about when they don't.

bluefox75547d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Vast array of amazing first party content? That's a bit of a stretch, lol. I see the point you're trying to make though.

UltraNova47d ago

Maybe he had the 360 times in mind...but his point is still valid.

AnubisG47d ago

Stadia is not for gamers. It's anti-gamer, anti-consumer and will not work properly for 99% of this planet.

Stadia is only for snobs who do not care about gaming at all and just want to show off to others that they have the latest thing and that is all. It is for people who stand in line every year for a new iPhone. That is the target audiance. The brainless sheep population.

demonic3644d ago

Explain to me your comments please. You actually sound like you're very young and immature.

AnubisG44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

🤣 I will do nothing of the sort. Just because you are trying to insult me by calling me immature does not mean I will start to "explain myself" to a random person online. Who do you think you are?🤣

PS: looking at your comments, it becomes clear that you became deffensive seeing my comment and you resulted to insults simply because you "support" Stadia. I think you are the immature one here.

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