SNES Games Headed to Nintendo Switch Online; Full List Inside

Andrew M writes: The latest Nintendo Direct event revealed that a large catalog of SNES titles are headed to Nintendo Switch Online. Find out all of them inside.

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EddieNX 1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

20 Snes games with online multiplayer day 1.

Where are the people saying Switch online isnt worth the money now?

F-Zero and Mario kart online is gunna be nuts.

McMahonme71370d ago

Metroid, A Link to the Past, so many good fucking games

EddieNX 1370d ago

Better than a snes classic, way better, it has online.

SkatterBrain1369d ago

Lets resist the temptation to touch these games too and they might throw N64 Games at us

King_Noctis1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

I think N64 is the next logical step. I can see them announcing it next year at the earliest.

blackbeld1369d ago

So many games! Inclusief Starfox and f-zero!

Brawl Brothers
Demon’s Cross
Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics
Kirby’s Dream Land 3
Star Fox
Super E.D.F. Earth Defense Force
Super Mario Kart
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island
Super Puyo Puyo 2
Super Tennis
Breath of Fire
Kirby’s Dream Course
Stunt Race FX
Super Ghouls’n Ghosts
Super Mario World
Super Metroid
Super Soccer
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

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ABizzel11370d ago

If I remember correctly the people were complaining because this was supposed to be there day 1, but it's good to see it making its way there now.

Definitely a cool feature to see these games added to the service, and makes it more than worth the asking price if you ask me.

EddieNX 1370d ago

Yep, 100% worth the price now

Neonridr1370d ago

definitely. Online multiplayer is a huge bonus to these games.

Sono4211369d ago

I really don't understand your perspective. You are now saying their ONLINE service's price is justified because they gave you SNES games?

I've said it before and i'll say it again, their ONLINE service needs to be improved before I even start to care what the EXTRAS are. This isn't meant to be a GamesPass or PS Now, it's supposed to be an ONLINE service with EXTRAS. You are are completely content with the ONLINE being garbage while they just give you more EXTRAS. What sense does that make? Are you not actually buying the ONLINE service for ONLINE?

Is it cool they added these SNES games? Of course, but does it fix their ONLINE? No. Before you even start, YES some games do work fine online, such as Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8. But Smash Ultimate, Mario Maker 2, and the NES games all have horrible lag, what makes you think SNES will be any different?

Even IF they manage to fix the insufferable lag, there's still the issue that their online literally has nothing to it. You cannot talk to someone in any way shape or form, you literally might as well be playing with bots because there is no way to know who you are playing with is even a person.

You keep pointing to these games to justify the price, but what does the ONLINE actually do? Basically nothing, only plays online well and without lag on very select titles and has literally no other features besides that, original Xbox in 2001 offered better online, that's the saddest fact of all, yet you're complacent with it because you got some games for the SNES, I literally can't comprehend this viewpoint at all, unless you don't actually play online and just see this service as a way to play old games, in which case they might as well divide them into 2 separate services.

Old McGroin1369d ago

@ Sono421

100% agreed. The addition of SNES games is fantastic but the online component is 20 years behind the competition. Stopped playing Smash and Mario Maker 2 online after a few days because they're basically unplayable 99% of the time due to lag. And yes, this is in docked mode with an ethernet adapter.

ABizzel11369d ago


$20 to play these 20 - 25 games to play online for a year isn't a bad asking price. There wasn't anywhere in my comment where I said the online portion was fixed or improved. I can agree Nintendo's online network offering is 10 years behind the competition if not more.

But what I did say was being able to play these 20 - 25 games online with other people for a year, is worth $20 especially considering they plan on adding more in the future.

Sono4211369d ago

You clearly miss my entire point, the price for their ONLINE service is NOT justified because I am not paying for the ONLINE service so that I can play SNES games.

You even admit their online is at the very least a decade behind the competition, although I would argue it's exactly 18 years behind Xbox, yet still say the price for their ONLINE service is justified, what? I keep putting ONLINE in all caps because that's where the emphasis is supposed to be... the ONLINE, not the EXTRAS(I emphasize this so that you understand these are extra, not the main selling point).

The best way for them to justify the price for their ONLINE service is by improving their ONLINE gameplay and functionality. Once again, them adding SNES is great! I was just playing Super Mario World it was a good time, but that doesn't change the fact that until the online on Smash Ultimate and SMM2 is actually playable, their ONLINE service doesn't serve it's singular purpose.

From here on out Nintendo could give us all games they release free included in their ONLINE service, and it still wouldn't justify it, but they would never do that because they would create a separate plan similar to GamesPass or PS Now. Which is why I brought them up in the first place, this isn't GamesPass or PS Now, we aren't buying this service for the EXTRAS we are buying it for the ONLINE.

ABizzel11368d ago


No, I get exactly what you're saying, but you're using selective arguing to say the ONLINE portion isn't worth $20 / year, meanwhile completely ignoring the fact that there are those people who are fine paying $20 / yr. to simply play SNES games with online features.

Your argument is that the online needs to be fleshed out and improved for the service to be worth $20/yr. in your eyes. I'm not arguing against that, because their current online offering is honestly in some cases worse than what they had on Wii U and 3DS which were free.

But what I am saying is that just because in your eyes and others the ONLINE portion isn't worth $20 (to an extent I agree with you), it doesn't devalue the opinions of others that this added feature, which is a part of that same $20 therefor it should not and cannot be excluded from the overall package (which is what you are doing), is worth the asking price alone.

That's all we're saying. People paid $80 or more for the SNES classic, this gives you the same setup with the added bonus of online play for $20/yr, which is something emulation can't do either, and for $20/yr, that's worth it to many people with that added benefit of being able to play Smash / Pokemon / etc... online.

I don't disagree with you that the ONLINE aspect should be the selling point, but it cost money to get the servers and network improved, and Nintendo, by all means, should have and be funded this, to begin with, but these are still corporations and if they can get millions of people to sign up for the service, then those consumers will pay for the improvements instead of Nintendo coming directly out of pocket, that's just business.

Sono4211368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

If people are okay with justifying the price for an online service with extras than clearly the online isn't the reason they are actually buying it.

The main reason Sony and Microsoft "give free" games is because we now know it costs almost nothing to host these servers, so they essentially "give" us these games to keep people from feeling scammed, not to make up for a lack of online offerings, because we all know their online offerings are top tier.

Nintendo however doesn't have top tier online, not even close, it's at rock bottom, giving us extras to justify the price doesn't mean anything when the service we are supposedly paying for isn't good at all, I think you can barely even call it a service. It get's even worse when you hear that quote from whoever it was at Nintendo, when they were asked what they are doing to bring their online up to speed with the competition, he essentially said something like "We believe our online already is on par with the competition" which basically says it all, our money isn't going twords improving the online, it's going twords them putting more SNES and NES games on the service, which I will stress again, THIS ISN'T A GAMES SERVICE, it is an ONLINE SERVICE.

Maybe I am not making this clear enough, I 100% agree paying $20 for all those NES and SNES games is a great deal! Heck it's phenomenal! but.... if THAT is what you are getting the ONLINE service for... then you shouldn't be buying an ONLINE service, they should make that a separate GAMES service for people like yourself, because as i've said, this isn't meant to be a competitor to GamesPass of PS Now, it's supposed to be competing with the other's online offerings. I shouldn't be FORCED into paying for SNES and NES games when I simply want to play ONLINE with GOOD ONLINE CAPABILITIES. Now yes I realize Sony and Microsoft do the same thing, I am essentially FORCED into buying the games of the month that come with GOLD and PS+, but the difference is, they actually have a good WORKING online, I don't feel like they are there to compensate for bad online, like the case with Nintendo.

I see we are kind of agreeing, yet disagreeing at the same time, when I pay for PS+ and GOLD (I have both) I don't see the free games as the REASON to buy, I get them both so that I can play those HUGE amount of games online seamlessly with my friends and even randoms, which is the main reason I bought Switch Online... to play the online, mainly in Smash, so imagine my disappointment when I now PAY for this online, and it doesn't even work well in one of my favorite series of all time... as I said they could give me all the games in the world and it will still feel like a scam, but the more games they add to justify the purchase, they 1000000% should just make it a games service like PS Now and GamesPass instead of justifying us paying for absolutely garbage online, the main reason I even still have Switch Online is to play Mario Kart online, I shouldn't be forced to buy the access to these SNES games when I mainly just want good Smash online.

Sono4211368d ago

Think of it like a scale, when the games you are offering VASTLY outweighs the amount of content you are getting online, the scale is heavy in the GAMES department, the bulk of my ONLINE SERVICE purchase shouldn't be GAMES... or in other words EXTRAS. That service should be a GAMES SERVICE, the online should be it's own service, or just flat out free because it's so bad anyways.

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Moonman1369d ago

Worth every penny. And I was able to get a year for only $9.99 thanks to Best Buy. I will be buying one of those wireless official SNES controllers from Nintendo. :)

CurbStompin1369d ago

How did you get a year for $10?

Moonman1369d ago

Best Buy sent me a $10 gift code around the holidays and I used it to buy the $19.99 yearly subscription card. Heads up for anyone that didn't know you could use the gift codes toward Switch Online cards. :)

iplay1up21369d ago

Amazon gave me a year, because I am prime member.

Kosic1369d ago

This direct came as a shock and my £4 / year is well worth my Switch online. (Family pass / 8 people).

Teflon021369d ago

nope, I want to buy and own snes and n64 titles like before. Literally the main reason I bought a switch. That and hope for Tokyo Mirage sessions. Which I'm glad to finally see but, alot of my hype to finally tries died over the years of wait

Thunder_G0d_Bane1369d ago

Each game on virtual console cost like £3-4 each so you would spend a SHIT load more than the £20 a year membership which gives you access to all the games.

This price point is far better than the virtual console it just needs to hurry and roll out n64 and gamecube games.

CorndogBurglar1369d ago

You bought a Switch so you could buy SNES and N64 games? Interesting.

DarXyde1369d ago

"Where are the people saying Switch online isnt worth the money now?"

Such a cringey rhetorical question.

Fact is, historically, those people were correct. Nintendo Switch Online was, in my opinion, difficult to justify. The chat is silly, connectivity is/was wonky, and it somehow got worse once people started paying for it. This is a good move, but let's not pretend the infrastructure never had problems.

PlayableGamez-1369d ago

Where is voice chat and messaging?

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whitbyfox1370d ago

Can’t wait to gas everybody on F-Zero online with Samurai Goroh in my Fire Stingray!

autobotdan1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

All I want is Final Fight 2 and Final Fight 3 both with Online. That has never ever been done before. I am not talking about Final Fight One. Final Fight Two and Final Fight Three with Online coop needs to finally happen

Lucia from Final Fight 3 is a upcoming playable character in Playstation 4 street fighter v

Old McGroin1369d ago

Careful what you wish for, the inevitable lag will make you despise those games, just look at Capcom Beat 'em Up Bundle, unplayable online from day one.

Elronza1369d ago

I'm glad they finally put Snes games where they should have been from jump. But I still feel switch online is lacking tons of features including a web browser. And before I get attacked yes I indeed do own a Switch. I just don't feel it offers anything beyond games which is sad as with a proper web browser and apps nintendo could appeal to a much wider customer base than just us hardcore gamers.

RosweeSon1369d ago

I hear what your saying but Nintendo are about games and their games consoles are games first and foremost they don’t care for bells and whistles they care for quality gaming sure a browser would be a bonus but that’s what my phone sat right next to it is for. Same with Netflix my phone does it my telly does it worse case my PS4 does do it need it on a 4th 5th platform (I got a basic laptop also)... no! I get it’s a nice extra feature for those who only have the one system but I’d rsther they go game games games than have Netflix browser and no games to talk of like Xbox did all Gen they were service based and look how that’s turned out.

SkatterBrain1369d ago

Would Be Funny as Hell if they skip the Web Browser and just put the Grindr App on the eshop

Overwhelming1369d ago

I think Nintendo takes it very seriously about their products being family friendly. A web browser might be a bad window for innapropriate content for kids.

whitbyfox1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

How come i used to watch porn on the wii u browser then? I could even watch pirated films, not that i tried etc. All standard Nintendo firmware. It was a pretty involved browser, you could even choose to use developer mode. So that Nintendo thing about kid friendly is bogus. They just didn’t include it on their next console.

CurbStompin1369d ago

Nintendo won’t add a browser because it’s an easy way of exploiting the firmware.

King_Noctis1369d ago

A web browser, while in itself is great, is not needed in this day and age on a console. People could easily whip out their phone and use it if they want.

As for app, having apps like Netflix would totally rock though. But then again, we already have our phones that can do that.

StormLegend1369d ago

No thanks! My emulator can play all of the NES games. I'll just continue to play offline.

King_Noctis1369d ago

While Switch online users could play those games online.

FlyingFoxy1369d ago

Emulators have been able to do that before now, i was playing SNES online with my friend back in 2003, games like Contra and Mario 3, Power Rangers movie etc.. as long as you had even a basic level broadband connection it was pretty damn smooth too.

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