20° Is It Impossible To Have An Adult Conversation About The Next Generation Console Wars?

Zo writes "If you read ZKG, you know that I am not that kind of writer. I like to deal in the reality of things and facts. I am not a gaming fanatic to the degree that I can't respect other people's preference. I like PS3, you may like XBOX or Wii and that simply means we have a difference of opinion. Do I think that depending on what you want to do, one console is better for you than the other, yes. But that is that. It seems that when it comes to discussing this topic we revert back to our adolescent selves and start going "mines is better than yours". It appears that game consoles are like sports teams, they are part of who we are and we defend them deeply."

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mettalhead703628d ago

Why do you care about the console war?Can't you just enjoy the games for whatever console you have?I sold my 360 a while back but I can still have a conversation about gears 2 even though I don't have a 360 anymore so no it's not impossible.Not everyone is a fanboy you know.