7 Video Game Franchises That Famously Switched Genres Before Yakuza

While many gamers trying to figure out why Yakuza 7 will feature turn-based combat, we should remember it's not the first game franchise to switch genres.

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P_Bomb453d ago

Resident Evil’s tossed its hat in a few different rings as well.

Fixed camera tank controls (Classic).
First person on rails (Chronicles).
Light gun (Survivor/Dead Aim).
Turn based strategy (Confidential Report)
Multiplayer PvP/PvE (Outbreak/Corps).
Third person shooter (RE6)
First person VR (RE7).

453d ago
AK91452d ago

Wow this was a fantastic list I especially loved that you included Duke Nukem and the Oddworld series. Not many people these days Duke Nukem started off as a 2D Platformer before Duke Nukem 3D and I absolutely adore Strangers Wrath.