Daily Mail Review- Little Big Planet

From the review:

Danger: Teddy bear avalanche!

Somehow, it was bound to happen. You write a line like 'this is among the most remarkable games I have ever played', as I did a couple of weeks ago, and something promptly comes along to move the goalposts. Twice.
After affording Fable 2 that richly-deserved accolade, fear of repetition prevented me from saying the same about the equally deserving Fallout 3 last week.
And guess what? While both of those games are groundbreaking and spectacular, they are rendered positively pedestrian when compared with Little Big Planet.

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ryuzu3681d ago

Fable 2 and Fallout 3 are "rendered positively pedestrian" by LBP...

From the Daily Mail too? Surprised they're not moaning about the lack of white Sackboys and how foreigners are filling up the LBP servers with poor plumbing!


shadowghost7523681d ago

no they are too busy bashing russell brand and rightly so aswell

on-topic--> good review

fredrikpedersen3681d ago

Decent review, excellent game.