BioWare boss: The Old Republic melee combat will be "choreographed"

BioWare chief Greg Zeschuk reckons traditional MMO combat - with those involved "swinging through each other" - wasn't going to work for the newly announced Star Wars: The Old Republic, with the game needing a new, "choreographed" take on online fighting.

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Noctis Lucis Caelum3656d ago

They should use kotor battle system.

Foxgod3656d ago

grind grind grind grind, i would love to have a new KOTOR.
Grinding is not cool.

Perjoss3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

just play them again, they are just as good as you remember and you can even play them in widescreen if you look around for the 'hacks', talking about on PC of course, maybe they are already widescreen on console? i dunno.

edit: wow could you imagine a kotor with Mass Effect combat system and gfx engine, we can dream i guess.

Foxgod3656d ago

that would be awesome :D
To me Mass effect is the closest thing to a next gen kotor, if only they would use the mass effect engine for it :)

smilydude133656d ago

That KOTOR makes Mass Effect feel so damn shallow. Mass Effect was an fing disappointment.

mpmaley3656d ago

>>No date for the game as yet.

I'm guessing 2010 at the earliest. And if they pull it off that you just don't randomly swing all over the place, this could be pretty sweet.