Replay 2 epic RPGs - Grandia HD Collection Review [Video Chums]

"For the awesome games alone, Grandia HD Collection is worth checking out for any RPG fan. Although it could use a lot more content, fine-tuning, and options to reward long-time fans such as myself, what's here is still a treasure trove of delightful RPG goodness." - A.J. Maciejewski from Video Chums

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moonkrj41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I guess I won't be alone if I say that the modern era has lost their charm when the graphics are smeared over. Though, I still consider it a positive improvement, when the QoL features are added - it's a catch-all term for features to make a game more smooth and enjoyable to play. It's rather a modern design standard - called so by Nintendo Life users in reviews.