Has Anthem Improved Six Months Post-Launch?

Dan Rodriguez for SG: "With six months of work, could the team at BioWare improve Anthem and finally shape the game into something that could compete with other games in the genre?"

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wolf58146d ago

Lets...see bought it at lunch...sell it after 20 days...bought it again mid August...I am an experienced gamer since 1988...I play almost everything..I own all consoles and every major game plus I have 411 games on ps4 ..78 on xbox one..12 on in my humble that I love bioware and I like very much the shooting mechanics of the game.but everything else its just not worth to invest time.for me the best shooter looter game remains destiny.after that division after that? I have my eyes on borderlands 3 right now.
EA is a major destroyer of fine studios
Where is criterion for example?

OldGuyStillGaming46d ago

I just recently bought it (for cheap) and all I can say is it’s a mess at the moment.
I’ve been dropped out of many missions!
The loading is atrocious!
I can’t tell if im doing campaign missions or side quests?
Why does every mission have to matchmake?

I would have hated to see how this game was at launch

Daeloki45d ago

You can set missions to private to avoid matchmaking (it's in the "launch menu" in the same tab as party members if I remember correctly)

Disclaimer: not trying to defend the game, just letting you know you can disable matchmaking

OldGuyStillGaming45d ago

Thank you
I’ll set it to private and see if that makes my experience with the game any better

UltraNova45d ago

I cant log in or stay logged in for more than 10-20 mins to this day...

isarai46d ago

You can put glitter in it, stud it with diamonds, and wrap it in gold foil but at the end if the day it's still just a pile of crap.

To make this game good they'd have to add hundreds of uniquely designed pieces of loot, and completely retructure the map to accommodate more mission variety. Which means they'd also have to make dozens of new mssion types that feel pretty different from each other. Design about 5 or so new bosses/bossfights, and add some sort of actual combat functionality to the flying with missions to accommodate. All that as a free update, THEN it would be a game worth my time

Si-Fly45d ago

It’d be hard to make it worse than it was at launch.

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