Gaming Nexus Review: LittleBigPlanet

Gaming Nexus writes: "I've been in the sway of LittleBigPlanet since I first laid eyes on the game at the 2007 E3. It was tucked back into the back corner of the Sony booth and while I had seen videos of it from its launch at GDC there was still nothing like seeing the game in person. Media Molecule was only showing off the game portion of the game but I still remember bounding around the amazingly colorful level they created and it was love at first sight. Cyril claims I'm "in the tank" for the game and while that's accurate it's hard not to fall in love hard with such an imaginative game with such lofty design goals."

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kanedaakira3632d ago

Another good review. My feelings exactly. I'm falling for this game. It is amazing. Has anybody seen the gradius themed shoot-em-up level? Brilliant. Incidently, take a look at my beatmachine level if you like ;D. It's a beat generator where you can remix the beat by dragging a block over each of the parts. So you can remove the kick drum or the snaredrum etc....Just a bit of fun.