Mobile, PES and esports: The three pillars of Konami

From "You'd be forgiven for thinking things are rather quiet at Konami, especially from a Western perspective.

If we look at this current console generation, so far the Japanese publisher has only released a handful of titles: Metal Gear Solid V (plus it's Ground Zeroes and Survive spin-offs), Super Bomberman R, a Yu-Gi-Oh adaptation and the annual outing for Pro Evolution Soccer."

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ocelot0742d ago

I use to adore konami years ago. Wish they would sell of some of there IP's.

HusbandAndWifeGaming41d ago

Shit, shit, and more shit. Just make a MGS4 remaster and then shut down. Thanks.

eddieistheillest41d ago

Remaster or remake all MGS games then shut down lol

Ratchet7541d ago

What about silent hills and castlevania🤔🤔

-Foxtrot41d ago


If you think it's not making you money then why let them go to waste

Castlevania / Bomberman to Nintendo. Contra / Bloody Roar to Microsoft. Silent Hill / Metal Gear Solid to Sony.

1-pwnsause-141d ago

Zone of the Enders to Sony as well.