Gears 5 has a level that's 50 times bigger than any previous Gears map

Gears 5 will feature the biggest single player campaign in the series' long history, including one map The Coalition says is 50 times larger than any previous Gears of War level. That's accordiong to Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson, who provided a ton of new Gears 5 details.

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lxeasy42d ago

Already have it downloaded, Can't wait!

Nu42d ago

Sarah Kerrigan from StarCraft became the queen of the Zerg. Hopefully gears 5 does something unexpected.

warriorcase41d ago

Good stuff mate! Looking forward myself to see where they take the series in this new open area format.

Side note: Can't believe people are down voting because some one is excited for a game. Although it is N4G, so I shouldn't be surprised. There's some sad as fuck fanboys on here who hate the idea of anyone enjoying anything. Pathetic.

lxeasy41d ago

Yeah a lot of folks don't like when you get excited for anything good Xbox related

FanboySpotter41d ago

How dare you be human and enjoy things :p

Blu3_Berry42d ago

Very interesting to see how it plays out. I wonder if there will be side missions and such. I'm really liking the direction they seem to be taking this series in. It could turn out to be awesome. Haven't been this hyped in quite a while.

ReadyPlayer2242d ago (Edited 42d ago )

It seems every act is a different open world area and there are main missions and side missions to do in those areas, as well as collectibles. Since they have things like relic weapons and JACK upgrades, you get those things by doing side quests or exploring the open world.

The missions themselves are the same cinematic Gears missions, but to get to them you have to traverse the open world.

Sam Fisher42d ago

I think its going going to be like how battlefield does there small sandbox levels, still kinda linear but open at the same time, (i.e. bf3)

DaDrunkenJester42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Yep side missions that flesh out the story, as well as collectables to find that add to lore, also relic weapons that have unique properties and attributes. As well as upgrade materials to upgrade and modify JACK to provide you with buffs.

And since you do have the opportunity to freely run into enemies, they no longer immediately target you and attack. They are using a player instigated attack now, which gives you an opportunity to plan attacks, ambushes, and use stealth. And that even goes for some of the linear level set pieces. Now you can actually tactically use the cover system to set up flanks before a battle even starts.

Blu3_Berry42d ago

That sounds pretty damn awesome.

lxeasy41d ago

I believe they confirmed side missions will be in the game.

AngainorG7X42d ago

Release the launch trailer already!!!! F*** that, give me the game!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.