Left 4 Dead: Graphics settings compared

PCGH checked the graphics options in Left 4 Dead. They compared the detail levels for the effects, the shaders, the textures and the graining.

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Fishy Fingers3632d ago

Time for a new engine? Source is really starting to show it's age now. Still at least those with average PCs will be able to run this without much trouble.

Perjoss3632d ago

you think valve needs a new fps engine, i think the same thing. Valve thinks "our engine runs on very low spec PCs = much more sales"

This might be the perfect engine for L4D, because of the numbers of zombies on screen at once, and how fast the action is I don't think it can afford to look amazing.

Pebz3632d ago

It seems that valve always had "the average PC" in mind when making their games, and it really hasn't steered them wrong so far.

The game doesn't look amazing, but it certainly isn't ugly, and it not being so hardware-hungry gives a lot more people a chance to play it, which is important for a multiplayer game.

PopEmUp3632d ago

if valve want to sell its games to the mass they must need to understand what is average people who actually owned a descend pc or a high-end pc, in other word if valve want to sell and make big buck out of their games, of course they still be looking for the lower end users, e.g. just take a look at cs who need high end pc

AnttiApina3632d ago

I can run Half Life 2 EP 2 almost everything max with my THREE years old PC. Even very old and belove average pc's can run it.

TheIneffableBob3632d ago

I don't know. I think Valve's games look amazing. Graphically, Left 4 Dead looks better to me than, say, a Call of Duty: World at War or Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway.

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kevnb3632d ago

it looks good enough, with excellent looking gameplay to back it up.

Qfragger3632d ago

This game is so fast that it doesnt matter if the grafs are on low or high. I run the demo on a lappy with an 8800gts on high grafs and it looks very good.

Extreme_Coolcat3632d ago

I really admire Valve on bringing out games that run on every PC. Check Blizzard.

But in 2009, I think that Valve has to do a major step forward in terms of their engine for the PC.

Delta_FX3631d ago

The game still look like s**t even at the highest settings.

Valve needs a new engine, ASAP.

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