Super Smash Bros. Ultimate display at 7-Eleven may indicate Banjo-Kazooie's release date sneaking up

GoNintendo: “Who knew that 7-Eleven would end up being a great indicator for when to expect DLC to launch? Just a few weeks back, 7-Eleven had an in-store display in Japan for Smash Bros. Ultimate, which featured Dragon Quest's Hero. That in-store display was set to run until Aug. 4th, 2019, and this was back when we didn't have a release date for Hero. Many speculated that Hero would be added to the game before the 7-Eleven campaign ended, and they were right. Hero ended up hitting Smash Bros. Ultimate on July 30th, 2019.

Now 7-Eleven is back with another display, and this one features Banjo-Kazooie. The campaign is set to run until Sept. 15th, 2019. If we do a little math based on what happen last time, we should expect Banjo-Kazooie to hit Smash Bros. Ultimate sometime around Sept. 10th, 2019. Even if that doesn't turn out to be true, I think it's safe to say Banjo-Kazooie will be released sometime before the 15th.”

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PhoenixUp659d ago

I’d expect it in Sept since they revealed the characters at E3 with Hero, so there shouldn’t be that large a gap between releases

BadElf659d ago

WEll, September isnt what was in question really. Before today, people were expecting it late September.

Sept. 15 or before? Dat nice