DICE: Star Wars Battlefront 2 Player Base Rising Month After Month After Geonosis Update

DICE says that the player base for Star Wars Battlefront 2, a game released back in November 2017, has seen its player base rise month after month after the Geonosis update was released.

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1nsomniac47d ago

I’m one of them. This game was an absolute disaster at launch but I can’t stay away from it now, it’s become something awesome!

Really is a case study for how not to release a game though. Should be held as a warning in the industry for not releasing half finished games and patching them later. Don’t get me wrong if this wasn’t a Star Wars game people wouldn’t have come back at all and the game would of been a complete failure.

Bottom line, release complete games with full content at launch. Not this release partial games, se what sales are like in order to work out if it’s worth making any more content and how much we can additionally sell it to customers for.

demonic3647d ago

Too late, this is still a hard pass for me. All my excitement for the game was lost with all the crap that came with this game at launch.

SonyStyled47d ago

Despite the awful pre-launch woes (the reason I skipped launch) the game is actually really good, like surprisingly good for the amount of flack it receives. With the game being so cheap on a used store shelf and the fact publishers don’t receive $ from used game sales it’s your own gaming experience your shorting yourself on. I don’t like ea either, but I do love Star Wars and battlefront 2 is a really good Star Wars game. It has a lot of content to be excited about. Now go find yourself a game of Ewok hunt stormtrooper!

excaliburps47d ago

I hope EA learned their lesson though. I agree; it's in a good spot right now. I just hope BF6 or whatever comes next from DICE is a full game at launch, isn't predatory, and is just a good game in general.

Hedstrom47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

So how large is the player base? Feels like it cant be that big if they dont talk numbers!

SonyStyled47d ago

Do you even play bro? I don’t doubt the large player base

Hedstrom47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

No, not BF2! Just made an observation regarding the statement. Often when things are going well the companies give numbers. Otherwise they give this kind of statements like its on the rise etc.