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Early PlaySation 3 adopters will recall Resistance: Fall of Man as the only title to seriously justify their hefty hardware purchase back in the fall of 2006. While not quite the system-selling juggernaut the PS3 needed, Insomniac's ambitious sci-fi FPS offered a solid entry that begged for a larger, improved sequel. And with Resistance 2, that's exactly what we get. It still may not be the PS3's answer to Halo or even Gears of War (Sony's hoping to reserve that spot for Killzone 2), but it's certainly one of the system's best offerings to date, and a must-play for fans of the genre.

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Immortal Kaim4048d ago

This game looks fantastic, wish I had a PS3 :(

Kush_Reaper4048d ago

Resistance:FOM was quite an innovative title which i really enjoyed. Im from the AUS so we gotta wait a little bit longer. Can't wait to scoop up my copy of R2 though.


Nineball21124048d ago

I've been playing it all weekend long and from Single Player to Cooperative to Multiplayer, it's all been really, really good.

This game is just a really solid game and you get so much value for the $60.00 you pay for the game.

ultimolu4048d ago

Then what are you waiting for?
Go buy one now! xD

Unless price is an issue for you, but I can understand that. Seriously though, this game is AMAZING. I have to get back to it tonight because it's making me forget the other games I need to beat. O_o;

YogiBear4048d ago

You definitely should get it.

i am the truth4048d ago

I am in the beta and i can tell u that killzone2 will take that spot.Yes there are glitches but its only a beta,From what i have played i think the final game will be so much better and much more polished.

joydestroy4048d ago

i agree. R2 is far from a halo or geow, BUT KZ2 will defeat them all. i guarantee that. have you seen the most recent footage of just KZ2 multiplayer!? the destructibility in the game is more than i have yet to see anywhere else. it is really amazing.

lowcarb4048d ago

You guys are hilarious. Yes I've seen the footage and KZ2 isn't even all that from what I've seen. Gears 2 just raised the bar and I really doubt we will see anything like it in KZ2. Also Halo's the fps console king and even if KZ2 shines for a bit I'm sure Halo Recon will take that back right away. Goodluck though and fun playing your beta lol.

Pennywise4048d ago

lowcarb, Ive played/seen Gears2 and it is the same as the first. Nothing new here, please move on.

I think there were newer shades of gray and brown.

demoneyeslaharl4048d ago

... I'm gonna get you soon, Nathan Hale. you just wait.

YouNoob4048d ago

where Hale turns into a chimera and gets shot in the head? not sure, just asking.

ThanatosDMC4048d ago

Just so you know... you'll hate Furies...

Also, Nathan Hale must have balls the size of skyscrapers to do what he does... that or he has an insane amount of bloodlust to kill Chimeras... hehhehehe

You'll easily rack in more than 1000 kills in your first run in single player.

Multiplayer is another story since they just swarm everywhere! Those little Chimeras the size of puppies are extremely dangerous especially when they flood (60+ and more coming) your feet even with a shotgun and your 7 allies trying to fend them off will likely kill you and some of your men except those that all ready ran away.

rogimusprime4047d ago

It bothered me how they let you kill a leviathan and a cracken, but the furies are invincible.

GrandTheftZamboni4047d ago

If they let you kill Furies, nobody would watch their steps around water. Or they could let you kill them, and then spawn more smaller ones... like piranhas. Those would be a b1tch to kill.

ThanatosDMC4046d ago

Well at least they should let us take revenge on them and just spawn another one immediately to replace the death.

Well, we can all complain to Insomniac. Those devs actually listen to us whine.

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The story is too old to be commented.