Blair Witch struggles to run with 40fps in 4K/High settings on an NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080Ti

DSOGaming writes: "Bloober Team has just released Blair Witch on the PC, however, it appears that this title suffers from major performance issues."

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FlyingFoxy459d ago

4k is still not for those who want high frame rates. Won't be for some time either in demanding titles even with decent horsepower.

1nsomniac459d ago (Edited 459d ago )

Optimisation is apparently really poor across the board with this game. A performance patch is being worked on.

Optimised properly there’s no reason a 2080ti shouldn’t run any current game at 4K 60fps.

warriorcase459d ago

My 2080 Ti runs most games at 4k60 with a few exeptions. This game just has some bad optimization by the look of it.

carcarias459d ago (Edited 459d ago )

I'm getting 60 frames with all my games, albeit with some ever so slight adjustments for games like Assassin's Creed Odyssey. And even if I keep max settings I don't drop below 50.

Blair Witch just has some kind of issue. I've noticed that the video menu doesn't even correctly display what your current settings are.

The best look for me so far was to go to 1440 and have full resolution scalability. Using full scalability on 4k tanks performance to around 40fps but using half resolution looks so blurry that it's much worse than 1440.

Hopefully they fix it soon as the atmosphere is crucial to the games impact. I feel the game has other issues holding it back too, which is a shame, because there's some real potential here, imho.

Adexus459d ago

I had to drop a few of the graphics settings to low/off, like all the SSR stuff just to be able to get 60-80fps at 3440x1440 on a 2080, it doesn't even look that great and it's a buggy mess.

Just as I was starting to enjoy it I got stuck in between a truck and some pieces of wood and couldn't move and the last checkpoint was like 10 minutes back for some reason.

killswitch80459d ago

odd I run it well in 4k on just my 2080