Monster Hunter 3 confirmed for Europe

LiveWii : "Even if we could suspect that Capcom would open the monsters hunting monsters elsewhere than in Japan, it is now confirmed by the firm itself in a press schedule : Monster Hunter 3 is coming to Europe. The confirmation being effective, it any more but does not remain from now on to have patience for a coming out date."

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M_Prime3654d ago

go WII.. i still have yet to play a MH game.. i should get one for my PSP.. used is like 10 bux

GFahim3654d ago

capcom v tatsunoku fighting game...

ThanatosDMC3654d ago

If it doesnt come to other consoles (360 or PS3), i will have to buy another wii.

kesvalk3653d ago

i can't wait this game much longer...

i NEED to play it!!!