Impressive Killzone 2 destructibility footage

Outside of its immaculate texture work, character models, and animations, Killzone 2 features an incredibly realistic destructibility engine allowing users to decimate specific objects and structures, watching them crumble into ruins.

In this latest line of footage, the player shows off some of the destructibility seen in the online multiplayer beta, shooting everything from pipes to hurling a grenade and razing the side of a support pillar. Watch as chunks of concrete collapse to the ground and red-hot bullet holes penetrate the ground floor, spitting up debris.

Click the jump to check out the footage.

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Jpinter4051d ago

That level of destructibility and quality is amazing for single player let alone multiplayer online. I am so excited for Killzone 2.

mesh14051d ago Show
Fox014051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

First of all, this is just a Beta and a highly compressed one (about 500MB) so the retail version will look even better. Second, even with the crappy quality videos and the fact that the beta is highly compressed, it still looks a lot better than Gears 2; you really need to get your eyes checked if you can't see this.

shingo4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

I have to say, from being in the beta, I've never experienced the feel of battle and war zone like I'm currently experiencing with this game. It's ridiculously AWESOME. And on top of that, the gameplay is just as awesome as the graphics and sounds. Extremely fun and addictive. This game will sell millions for sure and will be one of the top PS3 exclusives ever!

marinelife94051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

I agree. The battles are intense. And that carrot they dangle out in front of you to rank up to get more abilities is addictive.

Nothing sounds better than that little chime you hear when another Helghast goes down. They should make that sound customizable.

thereapersson4051d ago

I think fanboys of any system can attest to the stupidity of Mesh1's comments.

kevnb4051d ago

realistic lighting goes alot further than I thought.


As a Xbox 360 fan i have to say its amazing! My dad has a PS3 so i wont be missing anything ;)

AuToFiRE4050d ago

As I am in the Kizzy 2 beta you really dont get the full effect until you actually take a chunk off a wall for yourself

Marceles4050d ago

I'm totally addicted to the beta, I've playing this more than any games I have

kevnb4050d ago

is it open to Canada?

ud4050d ago

Yeah It's open to Canada

Kleptic4050d ago

I know we are not supposed to be talking about the beta...but whatever...the game is incredible so far...I too have put more time into this beta than both LBP and Resistance 2...which is sad, but it really is that awesome...

the graphics are simply unmatched...nothing else to say...Crysis took more of a hit for multiplayer than Killzone 2 does...there are a few glitches here and there, most of which are confirmed to be related to lag...and there is plenty of time to get that under control...

also the class system is awesome...the way you unlock stuff hopefully has been toned down for the in its very easy to rank up so far...and being that GG confirmed only the 12 or 16 ranks, its pretty obvious that the retail game will require more XP to rank up...the ribbons are a little vague right now too, but that all is probably related to this being a very very bare bones beta test...the only issue I hope they resolve is simply that the ranking/statistic system doesn't give you a clear idea of what you need to accomplish in order to unlock each badge, weapon, etc...

My biggest concern with the game though has nothing to do with how it plays or looks right now...those questions are more than settled imo...the game is easily the top first person shooter of this generation imo so concern though is how much content is delivered with the game at release...right now co-op is still slated as possible DLC right after release, a kind of Fable 2 approach...and I think that could be a death blow to the game's reception...with the bar being raised by Resistance 2 in what is expected from a $60 shooter...I don't think Killzone 2 can hang with just an excellent class base multiplayer and single least a 4 player co-op 'mode' needs to could release with what has been simply confirmed and nothing else...and will still be an incredible game...but I don't think it would then get the recognition it deserves...most reviews would simply dwell on that and nothing else...this game will have more skeptical eyes pointed at it than any other so far this generation...I hope they don't give them any more ammo than they already have...

there are bots confirmed though...and bots can universally be used in different gameplay mode...which that may be a sign that there will be a co-op mode similar to horde in gears 2...where its not a campaign like more traditional co-op modes...but a mode in which endless waves of enemies are thrown at you...either way...hopefully something else is confirmed soon to raise hype a little more before release...

but everyone's questions and complaints early on...'bad textures'...'it looks ok, but the gameplay looks generic'...wrong and wrong...any shooter fan will be more than impressed in february...

Sarcasm4050d ago

Amen Kleptic!

But for my own two cents, I do have to agree. I still cannot believe they have these kinds of graphics for a console. I mean yeah everyone should be "expecting" these kinds of graphics for all upcoming games. But man, Killzone 2 definitely lives up to the hype in graphics, gameplay, and exceeds expectations in game modes and features.

There will be those folks that say "oh it's just another FPS" need to really stop the hate train. If it was on the 360 they'd be bragging about it 20 times more. Heck, they brag about Halo 3 which is half the game of what Killzone 2 is going to be.

Sadly, as great a Killzone 2 is so far. I still predict many 8/10 reviews from the usual 360 biased websites. Docking points because "it doesn't look 100% like the 2005 trailer, only 90" or "graphics are too good it hurts my eyes."

INehalemEXI4050d ago

Helghan Sniper Model FTW.

Bob Dole4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

Bob Dole poops on yo mama. So git offa hiz nizzutz. This game is gonna do tha same so git some! O yeah sony xbox ftw whatever gimme bubblez ho'z.

You know, I wish you were as drunk as Bob Dole cause he has so many goddamn bubbles he wants someone to challenge him to a rochambo... fore real; take them away. cause bob dole is a sony fanboy that loves having no bubbles. please TAKE HIS BUBBLES AWAY.!!!!

No seriously he's drunk..... so do what he says or consequences will be dire.

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Ashton4051d ago

how they can achieve this kinda graphics and features in the Multiplayer portion of a game on the PS3.

I would love it if sony uses this engine for lots of their own first party titles.

Fishy Fingers4051d ago

I imagine this is an engine PS3 owners will see time and time again. GG aren't just building a game but a platform. Look at it as Sony "get outta (UE3) jail free card."

pwnsause4051d ago

well GG got help from Santa Monica Studios to help build this engine, so Im pretty sure we are going to see it again very soon, I Believe that they are Using this engine For God Of War 3 when you think about it.

Kain814051d ago

i would say that the hole Taeser for GoW3 was an in-game build of the game.

THC CELL4051d ago

final game will look out of this world cant wait

meepmoopmeep4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

I believe "The Edge" as Ted Price likes to put it, is the collaboration of Sony's 1st Party studios along with close colleagues like Insomniac putting their wonderful minds together to juice out the hardware of the PS3.

they all share tips and tricks with each other and we are all going to be in for a wild ride.

Panthers4051d ago

"honestly sony needs to teach 3rd parties
how they can achieve this kinda graphics and features in the Multiplayer portion of a game on the PS3. "

Its easy. Throw millions of dollars at it. This game was extreamly expensive to make. I dont think third parties are willing to do that.

HighDefinition4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

Killzone2 has cost ALOT of $$$. Period. As AMAZING as the game is, it`s more than a game to Sony. This engine will be used for a ridiculous ammounts of PS3 exclusives after KZ2s release. Also, the game is basically a "show piece" for the PS3, which WILL attract ALOT of developers aswell as customers. This the one game that the MOST hardcore of 360 fans, that hate everything about PS3 will give it it`s props. That says ALOT.


What`s cost so much and took some much time was the dev of the engine.

Statix4050d ago

Expensive, yes, but the graphics engine has already been finished along with all the accompanying PS3-specific performance optimizations and technical breakthroughs.


Sony will give out some info to third party devs . But sony won't spill all the beans . Its just like coca-cola . so many different ingredients but coca cola wont give you the main ingredient .

RememberThe3574050d ago

Socom comes to mind. However, to they're credit the first parties do have an amazing track record. If we keep seeing games like InFamous and Killzone 2 coming from these devs we can rest assured that games that launch like Socom will be few and far between.

Sarcasm4050d ago

"Expensive, yes, but the graphics engine has already been finished along with all the accompanying PS3-specific performance optimizations and technical breakthroughs."

Exactly what I was thinking.

I wish Guerilla Games makes the next Terminator game. As random as that sounds, there are certain things in the beta and in the trailers that remind me a lot of the future in terminator and I think the Killzone 2 engine would be PERFECT for an FPS terminator.

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dj_funky4051d ago

2 thumbs up on the details GG.
still a couple months away i'm sure it will be even better when finished.

Fishy Fingers4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

Well this is beta footage and there for taken from an "old" build. Id wager it already looks better, let alone at launch.

Kleptic4050d ago

what is really bizarre is that GG said the only thing they really had to hold back on multiplayer was the physics based destructibility...but that the lighting and hit response system as well as incredible textures and particle effects were all able to be streamed in online code...

and despite that...there is destructibility everywhere...this video doesn't do it should see those pillars in the academy (where he through a grenade, but it bounced off and landed to far away) when a rocket hits them...stuff goes everywhere, and its all physics based and rendered within the lighting (meaning they all make correct shadows)...I spent 15 minutes just kicking chunks of wreckage was awesome...I should probably stop talking about this though...I made all this up...I am not in the beta...sorry for the confusion, Sony...

olivia4050d ago


Capt CHAOS4050d ago

No sure why you guys keep b1tching on about MSG4 this and MSG4 that, for me, MSG4 = CGI videos = Boredom.

This is the game you should all be raving about.

Don't rant too much about the lighting and the shadows, but the attention to detail is wicked and the environmental destructions was awesome.

Would have loved for him to pop a few into those sandbags to see if they gave way much and to cherish the puffs of sand..

Kleptic4050d ago

many of us have been raving about this for a while...which was only met with 'bwah bwah, its not even close to the trailer'...

however I am not sure at all what you are talking about with 'don't rant about the lighting and shadows'...this game has some of the absolute best and most realistic lighting of nearly any game to date...the muzzle flares create dynamic lighting around all objects and enemy fire results in a shadow pulse behind them that looks absolutely incredible in a poorly lit room...

and that is just the beginning...the particle effects are crazy as well...lots of detail and animation, but even more impressive is how long they stay there...which introduces some really awesome mechanics, such as 2 grenades in a hall way can easily be used as 7-10 seconds of smoke cover to move into an enemy base unnoticed...

and the other thing is the destructiblity, of which we were told is 'barely in the multiplayer'...and going by the fact that its seemingly everywhere...I have no idea how crazy the single player is going to be in this regard...

yeah this game is kind of a big deal...

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PirateThom4051d ago

It's gutting this game is going to 7/8 reviews because of biased fanboys who got owned when GG managed to match/surpass that CGI trailer and are still bitter about it.

Kain814051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

but someone lied.
Someone said sonys Blu-ray is useles
but someone lied.
Someone said HDMI is not needed
but someone lied.
Someone said installs are not needed
but someone lied.

PirateThom4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

It's funny, but so far Sony have been pretty much spot on with the PS3.

Apparently, they lied though.

It's games like this, running on custom engines designed for the PS3 (like Uncharted, like Metal Gear Solid 4, like Gran Turismo) that blow everything else away. If anything, the PS3 is definitely stopping developers from being lazy, since they can't just use middleware engines like Unreal Engine without serious work.

na2ru14051d ago

someone had lied
someone said the cell is useless
someone had lied
1up said this is nothing compared to geows back in 2007
1up was full of denial

kevnb4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

I see what you are getting at guys. HDMI isn't really needed, but it sure is nice to have 7.1 lcpm sound :). It sure is nice to have 50 gigs of space to work with. I could go on, but it sure is nice to have a ps3 and all its features.

Sarcasm4050d ago

"running on custom engines designed for the PS3"

That's what already separates PS3 games from 360 games. But try telling that to one of the 360 folks here on N4G and you'll get "but... but... Unreal Engine" NO... shut it...

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vmartin124051d ago

This engine looks amazing...

It would prolly kick the crap out of the Unreal Engine..

Day One Buy :D

Teh CELL makes this game sexy... (4.5 cores used)..


joydestroy4051d ago

uh, it does kick the crap out of the Unreal Engine, easily.

Atomic4050d ago

Almost any Engine kicks the crap out of the Unreal Engine 3. not just Killzone 2 Engine.

Final_Rpg4050d ago

I'm interested to see if the unreal engine 4 is more so compatible with the PS3. The 3rd engine is acceptable because it was designed before the ps3 was around. But now there is no excuse for lack of cohesiveness between them. I expect UE4 to work just as well with the PS3 as the 360.

yanikins1114050d ago

from what i remember, ue4 is for the next gen of consoles and wont have a pc equivelent... think it was news on n4g a while ago.

pwnsause4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

UE4 is being designed with Next Xbox and the Next Playstation in mind instead of being PC lead, in other words, the PS4 version of the Unreal Engine will not be gimped like this Generation.

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