Left 4 Dead - Gameplay demo video

Gameplay video from Left 4 Dead demo. Enjoy!

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Legion4044d ago

I will have to take a look at this demo and try it out. Looks like a good game to play through with friends. Not sure I saw much story line though. Hope it has some plot. Couldn't really make it out in this play through.

Sackdude4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

wow this game is useless, wtf? only shoot shoot shoot? whats the point of this game? ill stop at graphics, cause they look horrible for a next gen FPS...

and its Time for a new engine.

joydestroy4044d ago

that's what i want it for, shoot shoot shoot. it's zombies dude! i can't wait to kill some zombies. ZOMBIES FTW!

tehReaper4044d ago

A quick look at your comment history reveals what you are sam, a PS3 fanboy. Looks like you have a 360, but yet not one positive comment for it.

Look, I own both consoles too and yes I have a preference, but bashing a game that looks to be incredibly fun JUST because it's not on your preferred console..that's wrong.

Shoot, shoot, shoot eh? Isn't that what a FPS consists of?

bigman73874044d ago

Well I disagree with the way he wrote that, but I honestly don't see why everyone is all over this game. It doesn't honestly look that fun.

Although I've never really been a fan of zombie games to begin with, the first minute of this video is just zombies staring at walls and getting shot by the player. That doesn't seem very fun to me. I could boot up any game and go shoot at a wall will almost the same effect, minus the blood.

I hope its not just because Valve is making this game that everyone likes it. Hey if you like zombie shooting games, maybe this will be fun. But I guess I'll download the demo and try it out for myself before making a final verdict.

solar4044d ago

play the demo. watching videos does not do this game justice. only playing it does. its mad fun.

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thewhoopimen4044d ago

Nice game! Definitely want to get this for the PC and not for any stupid console.

hazardman4044d ago

This game is sick..can't wait any longer..GIVE ME BRAIN..haha

tatotiburon4044d ago

Valve you are the masters of FPS

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The story is too old to be commented.