Astral Chain was in the works before NieR: Automata started development

NE: "This week, Japanese magazine Famitsu published a new Astral Chain interview with director Takahisa Taura, supervisor Hideki Kamiya, and producer Eijiro Nishimura. It was pretty in-depth at six pages long, but we’ll summarize some of the points here. Astral Chain came into the picture after Nintendo contacted PlatinumGames to make a game with high difficulty."

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masterfox1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

lol what a shame if true, so much developing talent wasted in so many years caused such low tech restrictions, imagine if that thing never existed?, Platinum developers could it make wonders if it wasn't cause those restrictions, remember Vanquish back then for the past gen?, even Astral Chain can make such visual impact as Vanquish insane action gameplay, think I'm joking ? , go an see it then ;). restrictions freaking sucks!!, portable handheld console my arse, more like portable handheld limitations. Don't get me wrong Astral Chain in the is Platinum game and they do great games but such talented studio doesn't deserve to be limited this way all because some archaic company called Nintendo doesn't want to be up to current times.

TheGamez1001788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

The game wouldnt have existed if it wasnt for nintendo lol. Its published, pretty much funded by nintendo, and they were the ones who told platinum to work on a game like this so its a 2nd party game. The salt is real with the game being exclusive to the switch huh lol. And relax, Im sure platinum will still work on other major platforms, we've already had an amazing game like nier automota, Jesus there are greedy and hungry folks like you out there. Exclusivity deals happen all the time fyi, so just get whatever console you need for whatever game. And wasnt it scalebound that also went through the same with mcsft? But of course we all know how that badly went.

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mikeslemonade1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

Just a waste of time. Should have skipped straight to Bayonetta 3 and made it PS and PC exclusive.

LOGICWINS1788d ago

So I assume you'd be in favor of Platinum ONLY developing games for the PC so they aren't "held back" by inferior platforms like the PS5 and Scarlett....right? /facepalm

King_Noctis1788d ago

They must be doing something right when we have people like you going crazy whenever the game is mentioned.

KeenBean3451788d ago

Why do you want Nintendo to release a home console just like the PS4/XB1 instead of them trying something different and innovating the handheld market?

Options never hurt anyone, you'd moan about Nintendo even if they released the most powerful home console regardless.

Sgt_Slaughter1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

Whatever world you live in, it must be weird. You're probably one of the people who review bombed it on Metacritic because you're can't handle it being an exclusive and throwing a fit.

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DefaultComment1788d ago

Oh boo hoo! you aint getting this game on whatever plastic box you bought. Sucks to be you!

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Spurg1788d ago

This is Ludacris.
This goes to prove that platinum has a big hand in the failure of Scalebound.
How can you start 4 AAA projects(Scalebound, Nier automata, Astral chain, and Bayonetta) around the same period? It isn't surprising that one of them was canceled to make way for others.
Platinium is a 200 man team, they should take better consideration next time they decide to overload their development team. Kotaku needs to pay a visit to some of these Japanese studios because their crunch is more punishing than the one in the west.

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DefaultComment1788d ago

They may have started at the same time like you suggested but they delayed and stack em at the end, Nier came 2 years before, Astral Chain came in this year and probably Bayonetta 3 is in 2020 or even 2021, and scalebound...its dead.
So 3/4 its pretty descent to me.

XiNatsuDragnel1788d ago

So Scalebound was not worth in the end I think which is sad

KeenBean3451788d ago

Platinum are up there with Naughty Dog, From Software, etc as some of the most consistent developers in recent times. This game is something special and I'm enjoying it so far

Samus7071788d ago

Nailed it. Hadn't put that comparison together until I saw your comment but totally agree. Japanese Naughty Dog.

jaycptza1787d ago

You must be joking Naughty Dog quality is nearly unrivaled.

EDKICK1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2016) 40's-50's metacritic
Star Fox Zero (2016) 69 metacritic
Legend of Korra (2014) 40's-50's metacritic
Anarchy Reigns (2012) and Transformers (2015) low 70 metacritic.

Naughty Dog is on a masterpiece streak since the start of the PS3 gen, Platinum not quite. Not trying to be a chode if you really like Platinum games but I'd argue Platinum hasn't ever made a game better than any of ND's last 4 or 5 games.

RememberThe3571788d ago

To be fair half of your list was licenced games. When Platinum really leans into a game it generally ends up amazing.

EDKICK1788d ago

I don't disagree but the list I had was like 60-75% of their games past 2010. In my opinion they've been an incredibly inconsistent studio. Again not trying to trash Platinum at all but them making a bunch of trash licensed games holds them back from being a top tier studio them being licensed isn't really an excuse.

Sono4211788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

I don't know why you're getting disagree's by just posting some of their recent games scores... people are literally comparing them to Naughty Dog... these people are the definition of fanatics.

All these people keep jumping to say "oh look how upset people are that this game isn't on their system, heh jealous ppl are sad ;)"

Yet those same people are just as crazed as them, I mean you can't honestly put them in the same category as Naughty Dog?! Platinum is the definition of inconsistent, one game they put out can be a 10/10 then the next one could be a 5/10 it's almost as if they have little studios inside their studio, meaning it's like playing the lottery whether you'll get the good platinum, or the bad.

I hate to use the word, but I would almost go as far as to call these people toxic.

KeenBean3451787d ago

Good point. I would personally consider Anarchy Reigns, Transformers + Star fox to just be good games considering they are low 70's, I'll agree with the TMNT and Korra games though.

Platinum are forging their own streak with Bayonetta 2, Astral Chain, Nier, etc and I feel they both belong in the same conversation as Naughty Dog.

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onisama1787d ago

May i add cd projekt and kojima studios on top of those

FlyingFoxy1788d ago

If it's like Bayonetta i can't say I'm overly fussed, good for those that enjoy them type of games though.

Looks like a pretty adult action anime style game overall, might check out a bit of footage and see.

Samus7071788d ago

Not going to change the world but for action game fans it's one of the very best this year. I'd say neck and neck with DMC5.