Wreckfest receiving major Season Pass with multiple DLC packs

Included in the game’s Season Pass are two Car Packs, as well as a Special pack with customisation items.

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anonymousfan43d ago

This game is pretty sweet. Even the price at release is perfect! Graphics and destruction are awesome and driving is a blast! Only minor thing I sorely miss is local couch coop / splitscreen...

42d ago
Gaming10142d ago

It's early, this may be patched in at some point. I think the game is rather polished given the delays they went through to get this out.

KingTrash42d ago

I like the game a lot but I think they need to crank up the crash sound effects. It’s weird that you barely hear them.

isarai42d ago

I would love some motorstorm style maps with massive jumps and hazards

Gaming10142d ago

It's a simulation game, very weighty to the cars, I can't believe how perfect the driving is. Feels just like Test Drive Eve of Destruction on PS2, the last great Demolition Derby game.

isarai42d ago

Didnt stop there previous games from having those kinds of tracks