Blair Witch Review - IGN

This game deserves a spot in the horror pantheon alongside Amnesia, Silent Hill, and their like.

Kribwalker1493d ago

downloading this one right now and gonna give it a shot. Excited to try this out tonight

Kumakai1492d ago

Kinda nice how you can do that w/ game pass pretty risk free. I might try it too just to check it out.

FTLmaster1493d ago

As great as Silent Hill, huh? High praise, indeed.

iplay1up21493d ago

Cool. Downloading tonight! Next week its Gears 5, and both Gears and Blair Witch day one on Game Pass!

Livingthedream1492d ago

It really is amazing how much value you can get out of game pass. Tons of great games!

AuraAbjure1492d ago

The original flick was the lamest. I remember there was a toy shark scene like with an old bath time toy I used to play with as a kid.

AuraAbjure1492d ago

When was it then 2pacalypsenow?

2pacalypsenow1491d ago

In 1999 when it came out..

It wasn’t lame it was actually pretty groundbreaking, and started a trend of “found footage” movies.

AuraAbjure1491d ago

Both the 1999 and the 2016 version are sooo lame they make people stupider.

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MrBaskerville520d ago

Four best horror games:

Yomawari: Midnight Shadows
Iron lung.


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NecrumOddBoy756d ago

I’m shocked to not see RE7 in here which is scarier than RE2 Remake in my opinion.