Guilty Pleasures: Why The Charm of Mid-Tier RPGs Are A Refreshing Change of Pace

DBC: “Out of the multitude of terrific genres out there, it’s fair to say that role-playing games have the potential to be the most ambitious and immersive experiences of the bunch.”

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isarai702d ago

Outward is still one if my favorite RPGs this gen

FTLmaster701d ago

Man, thanks for the tip! Not played Outward yet.

kadoha701d ago

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alexgibson702d ago

Absolutely love Outward and cant wait for Greedfall!

FTLmaster701d ago

Gonna definitely pick up Outward — looks like my cup of tea!

DaDrunkenJester701d ago

Remnant is also a pleasant surprise and it was only $40. I'm a big supporter of mid tier gaming, as long as it has mid tier prices.

isarai701d ago

Suggesting only AAA games deserve a full $60 price tag is dumb.

DaDrunkenJester701d ago

As good as Remnant is, it is clearly a bit janky, doesnt have the full production value, reuses a lot of the same assets. Technomancer is the same way. And I'm not saying that cant go full price, but I'm saying it's certainly not as appealing, and the issues of lower budget RPG's may impact your viewpoint of the title if you had to pay full AAA pricing.

Remnant is great, but at $60 I'd complain a bit more on those issues I listed above.

porkChop701d ago

Mid-tier products shouldn't charge premium prices. That's just common sense.

isarai701d ago

Those are just janky, but there are solid mid tier RPGs and games too.

Divinity original sin II
Surge 1&2
Kingdom Come Deliverance

Then we got mid tier games outside the RPG realm like
Yakuza 0
Sniper Elite 1-4
Vermintide 1&2
Shadow Warrior 1&2
Nier Automata
And even the Dark souls series that all fall into AA/mid tier territory you're saying dont deserve to have a $60 price tag simply because enough money wasnt spent on them

bluefox755701d ago (Edited 701d ago )

I wouldn't call anything on that list "mid-tier" or AA.

isarai701d ago


Well AAA or AA isnt an opinion, all these games have little to no marketing, made with half the amount of people at a fraction of the cost of a AAA game, I.E. mid tier games. Just because its good doesn't make it AAA, they are just good mid tier games

isarai701d ago

Dear god this site is really starting to be populated by people who cant accept facts. AAA and mid tier is determined by how much funding is put into a game, thats just a fact. Some can pull of better games than others on the same budget. AA/mid tier is not determined by a level of lacked polish or jank, its budget, plain and simple. Hellblade is a mid tier game, ninja theory have even said so MANY MANY times, still looks as good as a AAA game, but it isnt. You people are really going to sit there and tell me the 505 Games published Sniper Elite 4 had just as much money and marketing behind it as say anthem? Or Battlefield V? 505 Games has always been a mid tier publisher. Oh and Warhammer Vermintide? Its literally published by a mid tier publisher (THQ Nirdic) who quite literally, publically said they are a mid tier publisher and aim "to bring the mid tier back to the video game industry". And if Yakuza 0 isnt mid tier why did it launch at $40 with the explanation being it was a smaller project? These are facts, and somehow you're going to look at facts and disagree? I dont understand you people

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Rangerman1208701d ago (Edited 701d ago )

Outward, Technomancer, Kingdoms of Amaleur and Kingdom Come are gems, and they're personally the good kind of b-tier RPGs. Not a big fan of both Risen 3 and Bound by Flame, although I can definitely say that Risen 3 is a better pirate rpg than Raven's Cry.

And as for Greedfall? Definitely excited for it. Hoping it will be the devs' magnum opus.

ElementX701d ago

Elex is pretty decent, but extremely difficult at first until you level up a lot and get better gear. I died countless times from the start. Just stick with it and keep doing quests, often times running away is necessary.

FTLmaster701d ago

Really enjoyed ELEX. I liked its verticality and there were so many cool monsters as well. Good RPG!

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