PES 2009 a Dud

Gameplayer's soccer expert has finished a detailed side-by-side comparison of PES 2009 and FIFA 09. A self-confessed PES fanatic, he gives FIFA the nod for the first time, declaring Konami's effort a dud. This article links through to the PES side of the article.

"This is the season Konami has to turn it around. They've spent the past two years in cruise control, coasting along on past glories. But if it's a football cliché that if you stand still you end up going backwards, it's equally true in the fast-paced world of video games."

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YouNoob4046d ago

is pretty generous. it's a utter crap to say the truth. FIFA09 the undisputed king of footie games, no more, no less.

YouNoob4046d ago

sales figures are lying? amount of ppl online are an illusion? average review scores (even of former pes fanboys like eurogamer) are all fake and paid by EA?


jromao4046d ago

FIFA gets better sales for 50% prices cut in several main web shops, that's just marketing, FIFA as many other games like Spider-man, Iron-man, Nascar and son on are hyped by marketing, all them grabbing gamers money and delivering poor quality, FIFA 09 isn't different, lacks what it's needed for true football title, grow-up and go play PES as millions.

FIFA is for little kids that can't handle man stuff.

GrieverSoul4045d ago

As much I agree with U, PES is still better than Fifa, this years PES is still a disppointment. I expected a lot of improvements in the online category that didnt deliver! PES is still struggling in the online department. The defense AI is ridiculous and some players are seriously overpowered to the point the character actually passes another character without collision detection! I´ve seen it all to many times when Messi dribles trough 3 defenses without even loosing the ball control!

PES needs to improve more! Even though Fifa isnt as good as PES, there evolution is far greater than PES. If PES fans at least give a serious try on Fifa, without strings attached, without expectations, I think we would be surprised how many would turn to the darkside! lol

PopEmUp4045d ago

I think you really suck at pes no wonder you always bash it and bring negative and put positive side into fifa how lame,

I been playing both fifa and pes for awhile now and I must say pes is way better in gameplay although the visual and the amount of content in fifa is sure is ecstatic, but as football gamer I and amount others gamers preferred Pes over fifa any day, by the end of the day the gameplay what count not something that look good

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jromao4046d ago

We can only conclude from this reviewer that PES should loose the awesome AI, Ball physics and gameplay to be the same crap as FIFA 09.

Then give PES a 7.5 (maybe because PES mistake is to exists).

Are this guys blind or try to make the others stupid.

PopEmUp4045d ago

of them are fifa fanboy anyway I don't see them enjoy pes at all lol

--Onilink--4045d ago

awesome AI? are u kidding me? the AI its a mess in PES, if u actually play fifa instead of asumming that everything is the same as previous years, then you wouldnt be saying that PES has better AI.

And physics? if you think the physics in fifa are crap, then you really havent played the game.

If you really are a PES fan, then you shouldnt blindly support anything they throw at, because that's they reason they have delivered the same crap for the last 3 years, and until they see their own fans going to fifa, then they wont improve the franchise, because the idea thats there is few to improve to PES is just idiotic

Official General4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

I have PES 2009 for my PS3 and it's alot better than PES 2008, a massive improvement in fact. The gameplay is alot smoother, there is no slowdown or framerate issues and I now have all the edited kits thanks to an improved editing system. I havent played FIFA 09 but it does not look better than PES 2009. Many of my friends who have played FIFA 2009 claim it is not that good.

EDIT: Ok Oyster man you got me there. But I'll tell you this, I've been playing soccer games from day one and every real football fan knows that PES is the real deal. You dont even have to play FIFA to find this out these days. The main slip up was last years PES 2008 - I waiting to see an improvement which I have with 2009. I never said that the reviewers claims were bull. I just said that he's talking bull if he says that PES 2009 is not good because it is.

I dont care what anyone says, as long as Konami dont ever go back to making poor versions of PES like they did with the 2008 edition, I and many other will always see PES as the top soccer game. I'm too used to the gameplay and I just find it better than any other soccer game.

SlappingOysters4046d ago

hate to be harsh, but it your opinion is bullsh*t since you admit to not having played both games, where this reviewers has played both extensively.

And is also a self-confessed PES nut to begin with. Did you even read the article?

FYI The FIFA side of this debate is here -

Strife Lives4045d ago

EA.for making an awesome soccer sim.Is absolutly beautiful and is a dream to play.Im sorry Konami,you need to get some MGS devs to jump start ur thinking and be more revolutionary.,Fifa08 was better than Pes08. And Fifa09 kicks PES 2009S ass.

PirateThom4045d ago

PES has been crap for a few years. It's like they never managed to catch up with 360/PS3 gaming. EA have actually done a lot to improve FIFA, PES is the same as 3 years ago.

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