PS5’s Zen 2 CPU Is “A Huge Step Up”, Will Reduce Development Time “Significantly” – Lost Wing Dev

“It gets rid of so many restrictions with how many calculations we can do on the fly,” says BoxFrog Games’ Tim Ash.

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jznrpg505d ago

Weekly Gamingbolt article with random dev saying this will do that next gen

blackblades504d ago

And they dont care because they getting there clicks. Thanks guys for commenting and making gamingbolt top news on this site.

Profchaos504d ago

Almost the same quotes as last gen better hardware makes games more complex

Kumakai505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

thats great but xbox scarlett uses the same cpu in a custom setup just like the ps5 so not sure why we are distinguishing it as a ps5 thing...

and i quote:
"Microsoft has announced that the new Xbox console will be available by the end of 2020, featuring the exact same AMD architectures that are slated for Sony’s PlayStation – which we’ll call the PlayStation 5 for ease. Both will offer the latest 7nm AMD tech, ray tracing, and contain an SSD..."

Neonridr505d ago

basically it will be a repeat of last gen. Same CPU (slight modifications for each console), Same GPU (slight modifications for each console).

Shane Kim505d ago

These corporate ceo's are on the phone with eachother as we speak, deciding what to put in their next consoles.

RizBiz505d ago ShowReplies(5)
conanlifts505d ago

That would be interesting as Phil Spencer stated numerous times that Xbox would have the most powerful consoles going forward. Always interesting to see how he could guarantee this. But if Xbox doesn't have a slight edge then his talk was yet more of the same.

ramiuk1505d ago

doesnt matter waht xbox does hardware wise.
look at this gen for example with the xbox one X ,came out with loads of power but it still has serious lack out games and next gen will be same

conanlifts505d ago

@ramiuk1 to be honest I am more interested in seeing whether years of talking from ms turns into anything. They are promising games and power, the question is whether either will eventuate. MS have a lot of ground to make up in order to win over the millions of gamers who have deserted them.

milohighclub505d ago

@conan I'd grab a brew whilst you wait mate, been waiting since last gen. It's always been the same talk with the same results, next gen wont be any different.

MasterCornholio505d ago

He could always delay the release by a year and guarantee a more powerful system with a hardware upgrade. But Microsoft can't afford to give Sony a year head start.

leejohnson222505d ago

His talk is always just that, talk

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HaveAsandwich505d ago

Because people dont care about xbox currently. Thats just how it is.

snoopgg505d ago

You see, the ps5 studios will actually do the most with the new systems. I believe even if the scarlett is more powerful, the ps5 will still have the best looking games. The ps5 will have more exclusives that look better then anything on Scarlett.

leejohnson222505d ago

Ok babe take it easy we all know Xbox exist, errr boring

Christopher505d ago

Because the topic was about PS5 and the developer responded to the question asked and not the question unasked?

MasterCornholio504d ago

Exactly this. I don't know why some people are bothered that he wasn't asked about Xbox.

There's really no need to defend the console since the CPUs are going to be extremely similar in the two systems.

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Harkins1721505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

Always nice to see reduced Dev times.

YodaCracker505d ago

This is really important because the more graphically advanced games have become, the longer they seem to take to develop. Imagine if Rockstar was able to release more than one game per gen again!

kneon505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

But he's saying it will only be reduced because they will spend less time on optimization. That means the game could have been even better/bigger had they spent the time to make the best use of the power and features available.

web1017505d ago

Does it guarantee that the Menu screen is going to lag like on PS4? Because, that sure doesnt look nice when you promise a strong CPU and Ram.

Shikoku505d ago

That's more memory than the CPU

sizeofyou505d ago

Don't know what all this PS4 menu lag is? Get a very very occasional slow down. But I'd pick that over my X any day. MS menu is far far worse. And don't get me started on the MS store lag which is appalling...

rainslacker505d ago

I only notice it when the system is doing something in the background like installing a game or update. The sub menus in the info screens when you press down from a game icon can sometimes not load immediately, but that's downloading content from the net.

Otherwise, I've never had a problem with menu lag that I'd call consistent, and even when it does crop up, I wouldn't call it so slow that I would go on forums complaining about it.

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