Top 5 Iconic Final Fantasy Locations

Every Final Fantasy story is set in a different world. This of course means, every compilation features different locations and environments. The environments in every Final Fantasy are thus different from each other, as they reflect the themes and ideas of the story, as well as the emotions involved in the story at the time you encounter them in a game for the first time. Of course this is helped with the oh-so-magic use of music...

Continuing with our Top 5 Season We've compiled our top 5 iconic Final Fantasy locations which can be found following. Do you agree with our choices? If not what would you change in the list? (Please note this article contains Spoilers)

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CAPT IRISH3681d ago

why are there so many top five final fantasy lists?

hay3681d ago

Easy traffic my friend.
Midgar and Zanarkand should switch places.

Hentai3681d ago

because final fantasy is the best

FantasyStar3681d ago

FF died the moment FFXII was released. Since then, I haven't followed much FF news or any editorials for that matter.

Danja3681d ago

Was a great game dude....yeah the story wasn't the usual FF story took awhile b4 getting interesting but the scale of the game was just impressive and the battle system worked really well...

I thought summonings was quite useless though and the quickening..

Ap3theBad3681d ago

for me,im a HUUUUGE final fantasy X and 7 fan of the series.... i never got a chance to finish 12 becouse at the time i was into nothing but shooting games so it was hard.
but to me,all the final fantasy worlds up to ffX were AMAZING in almost every aspect.

though iMO,i loved ffx's Story ALOT and drew me in emotionally toards the characters and the world and lives they lived.... now THATS wut final fantasies were allways about... visuals were the weakest point but wut made FF is the compelling stories that drew peeps in.

anywho,the last 2 locations on the list are by far the best... of course midgar is gunna be up there.. Midgar is the power-plant and electricity to square-enix and its continued success and popularity.

Samer3053681d ago

I could not have said it any better. I loved the story of FFX. Very emotional game. But I also really miss FFVII, I will never ever forget how good those two games were. Best stories.

iamtehpwn3681d ago

The entire concept of Final Fantasy X though was designed for a Next gen system like Playstation 3. Really, The game really stuck to the fantasy themes, and the visual design of the game was made before there were machines capable of running it's true vision.

FFX remake for PS4.

Hellsvacancy3681d ago

I may sound a-bit soppy but i really liked the music at Mt Gagazet,

Oh and i also like Balamb Garden in Final Fantasy 8

-GametimeUK-3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

1. Midgar... When I heard about FF7 I was still very young... Maybe around 10 years old... I got a postcard through the door from Sony with a picture of Midgar on it... That one picture made me want Final Fantasy 7... Midgar is quite simply amazing

2. Zanarkand... Everything about Zanarkand is EPIC... The music is beautiful as you run through the ruins... The art work is outstanding... Its a high quality place that tugs your heart strings and makes you feel like you actually know the place yourself and can believe you are there... I grinded so much xp there simply because I liked the music

3. Dollet...

I simply love it for that cutscene... Introduced me to my first real task on FF8 (obviously after I got Ifrit)... To be honest the spider was also a lot of fun... But I LOVE the music... Its so BADASS!!!! JUST LISTEN TO IT!!! ARGH THAT CUTSCENE IS AMAZING!

But yeah theres loads of places... I love all the places in all the FF games I have played... They have a distinct quality about them which puts their game worlds above the competition (although Nintendo maybe match their quality with Hyrule from the LOZ games)

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