PS3 Outselling Xbox 360 in Europe

Nintendo has released figures for 2008 hardware sales in Europe which reveal the PS3 is outselling the Xbox 360 - though the Wii is still laughing in both of their faces.

More than 10.4 million Wii consoles have been shifted in Europe this year. The high point for Nintendo was April, when nearly 180,000 units were sold. The figure for Xbox 360 during the same month was around 90,000, as it was for PS3.

Overall, PS3 sales are said to exceed those for Xbox 360. However, Microsoft's console proved more popular than its rival during October, when a price cut boosted sales to more than 60,000 units.

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PoSTedUP3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

360 needs to drop the price to 199$ or something because its not looking too good for them in EU. oh my mistake... i meant the 360 needs to drop the price to *1.99$* in EU because its not looking to good from my point of view XD.

MURKERR3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

but we use £s not $s

Perjoss3683d ago

its great news for Sony, but I must say its in everyones interest, especially gamers (and thats both 360 and ps3 gamers) that both xbox and playstation remain roughly neck and neck. Once a particular console starts dominating sales that company feels like they don't need to try so hard. Sony have already been a bit slack by letting some of the biggest franchises slip to xbox.

Fallen_Angel3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

well the title for this is 100% wrong give that the 360 is now out selling the ps3 it even say so in the article.

If this was the year of the ps3 sony better get that ps4 soon cause the ps3 getting it butt kicked by the wii and the 360 in worldwide sells

uie4rhig3682d ago

UK uses £ and rest of europe uses €..

Mr_Bun3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

It says for the month of October, the 360 was more popular, but seeing as I have to read the article for you; it says "Overall, PS3 sales are said to exceed those for Xbox 360."

Why o why3682d ago

go into H+M and ull see both prices on the products or hold a Euro note up to the self serve in Tesco and ull see that places in the UK take/use Euro's. I dont use Euro's but MANY visitors to the UK do

IdleLeeSiuLung3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

I must agree with you, not sure what is up with all the disagrees. Perhaps it is all the Sony fanboys patting each others back.

The Xbox 360 has always done on par or below PS3 in Europe. In Japan it was previously dead, came back a little only to get beaten down really hard. That is how the worldwide sales figure gives Sony the edge.

The title suggest that PS3 is currently outselling Xbox in Europe, which the article contradicts. If anything it is quite impressive that MS got the leg up in October (due to the price cut).

On another note, I don't know why the PS3 is doing so well. Sure it got great games, but so does the Wii and Xbox 360. However, the PS3 has the clunkies user interface. Last night I wanted to play Haze (average game) co-op and did an update to firmware 2.52 which I had to start manually since it never informed me that there was an upate. Guess what the darn thing took 30-40 minutes to download... I was like WTF!!! My Xbox never takes that long and even the Wii is faster. How big is the freaken update?

I suspect the reason you got so many disagrees is your comment about Year of PS3....

Fallen_Angel3682d ago

mr bun I know what it says however the ps3 is not longer out selling the 360. Its not like it the ps3 can out sell the 360 in nov either with gow 2 out and dont see things getting any bettter in dec either so 360 is currently out selling the ps3 and will getting doin so for some time. The article is obviously bias as they are trying to make it sound as if the ps3 is out selling the 360 when its not

Why o why3682d ago

the damage was done at the start of the year. GT5p Pro Evo MGS4 price cut etc. MS had a good october. Even if it stays like this for the rest of the year your kinda forgetting all the moths that preceded october. MS has stated this themselves. They know Europe belongs to sony and nintendo

mint royale3682d ago

and it WILL outsell the ps3 in Europe this christmas (especaially helped by the UK). Both have great games coming out to counteract each other.

However if you think the 360 will continue to outsell the ps3 in Europe when the ps3 gets a pricecut you are sadly mistaken. Price is the main think holding the ps3 back. However the ps3 will be nowhere near as successful as the ps2 (neither will the 360) and really they are fighting an expensive bloody war to be best loser behind the wii.

I have to congratulate nintendo this gen, they have done magnificently to turn their fortunes around. All we need now is more wii games, the ds had the same problem and the start and was turned into the best library around so what about the wii!?

PoSTedUP3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

i know what you guys use for your money symbol, i just cant find it any where on my damn keyboard lololololol.

Why o why3682d ago

lol, couldnt find it either. Just copied and pasted somebody else's Euro symbol;)

Sprudling3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

AltGr + E = € (Supposedly it doesn't work for everyone.)

Also, the article is about Europe, not UK, so £ doesn't make sense.

The Mikester3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

i agree dude, the 360 is good but they seriously need to work on it more or come up with something better/amazing.

P.S. the PS3 is awesome that's why Sony is selling more :D


tigertom533682d ago

However, the data did suggest that the recent price cut on the Xbox 360 improved sales, with Microsoft selling over 60,000 units in October, topping the PS3.

right from the source which was talking more about wii sales toping both and that the 360 had 60,000 more the the ps3

get your s**t right people

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Ap3theBad3683d ago

as long as the ps3 is out selling the 360 then thats all i need to hear to have a good day. :)

Kill Crow3683d ago

Then you need to get a life.

This news is boring, only 13 year old fanboy's who only own one console pay attention to this kind of news so closely.

Either way all three consoles have something great to offer, and the winner is the gamer ... not the fanboy !!!

Word !

Aquanox3682d ago

If you READ the article, you'll see that it was outselling it until September. Then they tied and the PS3 was surpassed in October.

Considering we're in Novemeber now, after Gears of War 2 launch, all chances are that the Xbox 360 is outselling once again the PS3 this month, and until the end of the year.

So, what this says is what we all knew. the PS3 WAS outselling the Xbox 360 and now the tables have turned.

Mr_Bun3682d ago

If YOU read the article, you would know that you are incorrect. Apparently you didn't read my comment either, so I will post this again: "Overall, PS3 sales are said to exceed those for Xbox 360."...Not sure how that translates into the 360 outselling, but I am limited to using logic.

Kill Crow3682d ago

The articles a bit misleading though. In one sentence it says the figures are tied, and then it says overall the PS3 is leading? But overall what? the month, the year, the past couple of years? See how you could read overall to mean a few different things?

And seeing as it's actually Nintendo's results why is the article about the PS3 and 360 anyway?

This is fanboy rubbish all over again ... not news.

Mr_Bun3682d ago

The article says they shipped the same amount (tied as you put it) in the month of April (90,000)

edhe3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

Still got no idea why people would buy the ps3 as a game's console above the competition at such lower prices...

It's not because it's better performing, has more games or a better service or a more intuitive input or *anything* aside from blurry...

But it costs twice as much.

Mr_Bun3682d ago

1 serious reason is fear of the RROD...that is one of the reasons that I don't own it...another is the cost adds up if want all the extras...XBL account/wifi/HDD...If you want the arcade and don't need any of the extras, and aren't afraid of RROD, then 199 is a steal.

Kill Crow3682d ago

What the hell has April got to do with anything at this stage? Some months PS3 sold more and recently 360 sold more?

None of this matters, and has nothing to do with Nintendo releasing it's results.

If you REALLY care that much the hard numbers PS3 has to outsell the xbox by hunderds of thousands each month. With roughly 6 million unit lead Xbox isn't going anywhere.

Take a look at VG Charts Hardware since launch ....

PS3 started making huge gains over the Xbox, but the xbox has all but closed the gap again ....

Why does anyone care about this at all ... what's important is there is good competition and as a result there are GREAT games for all ... and if you're still scared of RROD ... please that's just lame.

Grooski3682d ago

So far in 2008 calendar year, from their respective financial reports, sales (shipped to retail) worldwide have been:

PS3 - 6.32 mill
Xbox360 - 4.80 mill

The Mikester3682d ago

just shut up and go away b/c i agree with Ap3theBad

as long as i hear that Sony is outselling the 360 i'm happy as well

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Bordel_19003683d ago

PS3 is way to expensive compared to the competition. I'm not saying the PS3 is overpriced, it's just too expensive comapred to Wii and X360.

I hope Sony cuts the price soon, else MS will see much bigger sales on the X360. It's incredible that PS3 is selling more than X360 even though it's much more expensive. But now you can get an X360 Arcade in Norway for 979 NOKs, that's about 140 US dollars, the PS3 kosts in Norway 3900 NOKs, so the PS3 kosts 560 US dollars. That's just crazy, it's strange anyone is even buying at that price.

Fishy Fingers3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

"it's strange anyone is even buying at that price. "

People will pay any price as long as they personally believe they're getting value for their money. Guess a lot of people feel that way about the PS3.

Cutting the price will just lose Sony money, drop the price, and you make a larger loss per SKU, sale figures increase and there for so do their loss's.

Bordel_19003683d ago


Well, I agree with you, and luckily there are a lot of people willing to pay that much for the best console available, me included, I actually got it at launch for about 1000 US dollars and I think it's great value for money. But if I was to buy a console for my kids just to play games, it's kida expensive.

I use it as a media hub for streaming video/pics/music, I have loads of Blu-rays and loads of games. It's a cheap entertainment center, but an expensive games console, so for the kids and the mainstream it's still PS2 and Wii that goes.

Why o why3683d ago

4hundred and twenty quid for me and i've been very very satisfied apart from the long gap in rpgs. V chronicles is the sh!t though.

Ghoul3683d ago

considering what i payed for my 360 setup to get the equal + a standalone bd player i can say i saved 400 bucks ont he ps3 side.
hell even with out the bd player i saved cash on the ps3 side

to buy a 360 with wireless lan, xbox live 1 year, battery charger station, batterys i pay the same.... then for a ps3

barom3683d ago

Problem with 360 is that the 199$ model is not that great for hardcore gamers. We need a harddrive in which case we need to dish out a 100 bucks for the premium model. At that point, why not dish out another 100$ and get a blu-ray player on in the deal.

Danja3683d ago

I was lucky enough to get a PS3 on launch day..spent $850 total since i ahd to buy games also...but it was worth it..because I knew what to expect from later down the all my fave exclusives would also appear on the PS3...and it was a really cheap Blu Ray player well spent...

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masterofpwnage3683d ago

embarrassing ms, very embarrassing

Why o why3683d ago

MS knew this is a touch continent to crack because of sony and nintendo's dominance. I swear its only the UK where people really care about the 360. Its almost like English speaking countries ONLY for MS at the mo and like i said, nothing new