Final Street Fighter IV character revealed?

According to unconfirmed reports, SF4 console edition was on display somewhere in Belgium with every character pictured as playable. And who is that we spy in the bottom row full of Alpha characters between Sakura and Dan?


They have added a new pic, apparently gameplay of Rose.

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Tacki4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

I've got to say that if it's true I'm just a little bit disappointed that they didn't go with another Alpha character like Guy or something. Though I was really hoping to see a 3rd Strike character... maybe Makoto or Ibuki make it in. Alas, it looks as though that won't be happening. It's a solid roster in my opinion though and as I've said before, this is my most anticipated game! Call me crazy with all the other amazing stuff coming out... but I can't help that I'm taken with Street Fighter.

PopEmUp4049d ago

this is just what you get in your $60 but later on I think there some add-on for something like new characters, that just my perdition

Noctis Lucis Caelum4049d ago

I hope they don't decide to sale characters on psn/market place.

i am the truth4049d ago

All i need is Akuma and i will beat any body ;-D

Foxgod4049d ago

Remember Tacki, the glass is half full, not half empty.

Ozzyb4049d ago

Why are they happy about this? Did anyone even use her? If you did, please say so, because I don't know anyone who actually did. Yea, Tacki, Ibuki would be a lot cooler.. There are a lot of people who would be a lot cooler. I'm looking forward to this game, but they are taking way too long with it. Especially since it has been out in arcades for a while.

Dark General4049d ago

I was hoping they saved someone different for the last character. Like someone from SF3. Makoto or Elena would have done nicely. Specially Makoto.

Tacki4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

@ i am the truth
I must warn you though, Akuma has a very weak defense in this game, meaning he takes alot of damaged compared to most characters. There's apparently even this Balrog combo that can take off his entire life bar. Not sure how well it works in a match though... I've just heard there is one.

@ Foxgod
As long as the Super Combo meter is full, my friend! ;) Though actually in this game it appears the Revenge meter and Ultra combos are more important.

@ Dark General
Oh, Elena.... I almost forgot about her. She could have really gone well this this game's art style too I think.

Dark General4049d ago

In other words Akuma in SF4 is like the Akuma of SF3. Offensive juggernaut with a great mixup but takes hits like a punk. I'm a Akuma primary user and you get used to his lousy health. I look forward to playing SF4 myself.

Tacki4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

@ Dark General
Well I haven't gotten to play Street Fighter IV myself... I've just heard a heck of alot about it. Mostly from listening to the Street Fighter podcast on Though I've seen countless videos as well. I'm sure Akuma isn't bad by any means... but apparently he's a bit toned down. But hey I personally don't care too much about tier lists and all that. I just find that kind of information interesting and like to pass it along. I think everyone should go with the character they're most comfortable with.

Though Zangeif is crazy good in this game. I mean he has quite an advantage over most characters. As of right now it seems Sagat and him are at the top of the tier list. That may change with the console versions since there's quite a few new characters. I'm very interested in Fei Long, and having no hands-on time with the game yet (damn the arcades here! lol) it's really not possible to predict who I'll 'main'... but from the videos I've seen Sakura looks to be pretty sweet. She may end up fitting my play-style best. We'll see.

February can't come soon enough for me! But at least HD Remix should hit soon and provide some Street Fighter goodness to me! :)

P.S. Forget to mention that fireballs are weakened in this game as well. They really don't do much damage... and Guile's Sonic Boom is ridiculously weak. It takes off like 1-2 percent of a person's health now or so I've heard. Just thought I'd pass out any knowledge I have for those out there who might find interest in it.

Dark General4049d ago

Yeah Akuma played the same exact way in Street Fighter 3: 3rd strike. It takes some time getting used to but he has his perks usually. Like having good footspeed and combo's etc. I'm not really too big into "tier" list because they're if "two players were at the same skill level playing at their peak then this person would win over that person this many times". Just too situational. Besides i really think fighting games are mostly skill and not characters being used.

I'm not surprised by the hadoken's being toned down. I wouldn't be surprised if they are used more like pokes.

rockleex4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

Akuma and Bison. Mainly Bison.

Hopefully Bison plays like CVS2. That was one of the best Bisons in history. His grab was killer in that game too.

By the way, I hope this is not the full roster, because Alpha 3 had tons more characters and still felt like it wasn't enough.

Tacki4047d ago

Well I'd like there to be a few more as well... but I have a feeling this will be it. Producer Yoshinori Ono said in an interview that they didn't want to have TOO many characters in the game. And also it was said that the character select screen was a hint at how many there would be. Now that it's all balanced out and there's not really any room remaining I doubt we'll see anymore.

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demoneyeslaharl4049d ago

Any news on the demo? I want to see how the whole mechanism works.

Foxgod4049d ago

Its Rose from SFA1~3, cool, i like how they added SFA characters to this game.

Good to see the Italian broad return.

princejb1344049d ago

i cant seem to find ken in the picture

princejb1344049d ago

oh sh!t
i kept thinking it was guile for a sec when guile is next to ken

Foxgod4049d ago

Speaking of DLC fighters.

I really hope they add Haggar and Maki as DLC.
In SFA there was Cody, Guy, Sodom, Rolento, and in SF3 Hugo.

Why not grand Zangief the honor to face his all time idol Haggar.
And why not have the hottest final fight babe, Maki in it, who probably also has some connection to Chun Li.

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