14 Video Games You'll Want to Buy in September

PC Mag: "There are so many great titles arriving this month that we had to skip a few; here are our top picks for new games, classic remastered titles, remakes, and re-releases."

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Platformgamer1782d ago

only 1 for me, the one in the thumbnail <3 i waited for so long

Alexander1Nevermind1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

Borderlands 3 and Torchlight 2 (PS4) for me. Ill pick up FFVIII at a later date.

edit: I'm surprised Torchlight 2 wasn't mentioned. Its an excellent game.

Mithan1781d ago

Probably because it's been out for years on the PC. It is a good game though.

iplay1up21781d ago

Downloading Blair Witch for Game Pass now. Gears is supposed to have a fantastic Campaign. Looking forward to it! Game Pass comes through in September.

Fist4achin1782d ago

Damn, tough month with so many releases and i feel like my wallet is still recovering from a pricey summer (vacation). Oh well, im glad to see that i wont have a shortage to play anything anytime soon.

sprinterboy1782d ago

14 games to buy in one month ? We're not millionaires.

NecrumOddBoy1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

Or ever thousandaires.

They forgot to mention Blasphemous on September 10th!

Skuletor1782d ago

Looking at that list and I don't want to buy any of them.Was just playing the demo of Blasphemous and that's a day one buy for me.

1781d ago
anonymousfan1781d ago

I was thinking the same thing lol the title should read instead "14 video games you'll want to own" :P

sprinterboy1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

I'm clearly pointing out no gamer will be buying all 14 games.
The article headline is “14 games to buy in September" ?
So that's 3 and half games a week, do you think it's wise or sensible to buy 3 games a week?
Even if I was a millionaire I wouldn't buy 14 games in one month.
You fucking idiot.

Summons751782d ago

Not even a mention of Greedfall. It's Greedfall and Link's Awakening for me. I'll buy Catherine and Final Fantasy 8 somewhere down the line.

Larrysweet1782d ago

Greedfall gonna be generic b trash as all spider games are

phoenixwing1782d ago

Larry you may be wrong this time. Greedfall has twice the budget as their last game. Also from design to gameplay videos it looks far more polished. Im thinking it will be a solid 8/10

King_Noctis1782d ago

Man so many great games are coming. I have my eyes on Borderlands 3, Gears 5, Catherine, Daemon X Machima, Zelda Remake, DQ XI S, Greedfall, AI, Nino Kuni, and Code Vein. So little time.

anonymousfan1781d ago

So little time indeed... I feel like a video games collector more than a gamer lol

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