Media Create Projections: (11/03-11/09) - PS3 Will Dive

Chart Get! projects this week's Media Create results. Article and analysis includes past week results and this week's expectations, and colorful charts for both.

This week:
DS: 120k
PSP: 42k
Wii: 28k
360: 7k
PS3: 25k

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Makidian3629d ago

HIs projections were so far off last week that he doesn't know what he is talking about, must have broken off from a prediction league and made his own wesbsite so he could show everyone how wrong he is.

Xbox Street Gang3629d ago

Wow..the 360 is $199.99 in Japan and the PS3 is $399.99- yet the PS3 still manages to outsell it..WOW. The 360 only had like a 3k bump in sales after lowering the price by $100.00...WOW

Anyways, back to Bomberman: Act Zero...

Bladestar3629d ago

You lost all credibility when you said, "Anyways, back to Bomberman: Act Zero... "... lol!

PantherLotus3629d ago

Right. It's pretty much old news at this point that the 360 won't sell in Japan, even with more jRPGs and a lower hardware price. To be fair, this was the first week in the past two months that the PS3 actually DID outsell the 360, so let's not get too excited d00d.

krakdol3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Nope it's the second week now, last week PS3 outsold 360 6:1 and destroyed in one week any margin 360 had accumulated in 7 JRPG weeks before (the only 7 weeks where 360 ever sold more than PS3 in Japan by the way).

We can now safely assume the 360 is dead in Japan.

sinncross3629d ago

PS3 will dive? I interpret this as ps3 sales dropping sharply... i don't see 25k being a massive drop from 33k.

PantherLotus3629d ago

I think the implication is that the PS3 will return to previous lows around 5k per week. That's a dive.

Bladestar3629d ago

Predictable... the same happened when Metal Gear 4 came out... the PS3 got a big jump... and didn't drop to record low after the super most anticipated game came out? So, what make people think that just because LBP comes out the PS3 sells will not do the same? expect at least a 10K drop... in 1-2 months unless Sony drops the prices it will go back to the miserable 3rd spot...

DiabloRising3629d ago

Miserable 3rd spot, while the 360 is still in dead last... *tear*

But Japan doesn't matter, blah blah yadda yadda

SL1M DADDY3629d ago

Just asking 'cause this article is titled way to close for flame bait and is completely unneeded.

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krakdol3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

If PS3 is diving, what does it say about the 360 since PS3 still outsells it by 4:1 this week again...

Stupid fanboyism ftw ?

Those are projections anyway, so who cares ? Fact is, PS3 outsold 360 6:1 last week.

Jok3r3629d ago

Last week Xbox 360 sold about 6000 units, according to this article 360 increased about 1000 units....So I call that an _increase_

krakdol3629d ago

@Jok3r : yeah, those MS fanboys are funny. A new laugh every day... :D

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