Wii Party website launches in SA

If you think you know how to party, be sure to check out the new Wii Party website, recently launched by Core Gaming in South Africa.

Wii PartyIf you already own a Wii, visit and get started on organising your own Wii Party. You will find cool templates for invites on the site and just by hosting a Wii party you stand a chance of winning R2000 worth of Wii games. If you haven't yet joined the Wii revolution, you will be happy to attend the party – just by registering and enjoying the party you could find yourself walking away with a shiny new Wii!

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sinncross3656d ago

As a South African this is the first ive heard of it... unless its actually advertised, few ppl are going to know about this.

And in South Africa, there is relatively little advertisements for gaming.. the last time i saw a sony console advertised was a year ago to be exact. i haven't seen Xbox ads and the Wii and DS got a few a launch.

Its a pity we get lil advertising but thats how it works down here.