Champions Of Gaming Tournament - Tiger Woods & Roger Federer take on Aussie's

OXCGN writes:

"Two of the OXCGN Team will be there to represent the site yet another major Gaming Event being held this Friday evening at Microsoft's Head Office in Sydney. They will have a chance to play against the "Pro's" in their own respective fields, as well as other games being held during the Tournament"

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XboxOZ3604050d ago

I want to go . . bahhh . . . BOth Tiger Woods and Roger Federer are excellent sportsmen and it would be great to meet with them. SO best of luck guys.

Immortal Kaim4050d ago

Thats a pretty good Tournament, though I suspect they wont be as good as there gaming counterparts as they are in real life :)

Acj23234050d ago

ahhhhh..... in Sydney, still a very nice tournament, would be nice to go

XboxOZ3604050d ago

Found out it's the Press Event covering the beginning of the Tournament, so it's still great, and we'll be there naturally. Be nice to see them in real life, but I do believe Tiger is rather good at the Game . . or so I've heard. And Federer is a dapt hand at the controller . .

I do love how MS isn't scared to throw money at things to get it out for the community. God, We had The Dolls, Gears Of War and Bathurst all within 10 days here in Sydney.

We had the $80k Chopper contest with Game ™ and MTV.

The MTV event which cost $$$'s . . and They made a special one off Chopper for Gears 2 just for the event.

The Barthurst event they gave away over $110k worth of prizes, not mentioning the huge media coverage and pre -event apperences, the cost on getting the V8 Supercar guys there as part of their Sponsorship agreements for V8 Supercars.

WHle some might scoff at MS, I'd like to see Sony doing 1/4 of this just for their community base . .Sure, it's marketing, and pushing the platform, but that is what it's about, or you sink.

Sony needs to do things like this for it's supporters!