An Idiot's Guide to Being a PS3 Fanboy

This article at gameplayer is played for laughs and is dripping in sarcasm but is a funny look into the crazy fanboy wars. Don't take it seriously and have a laugh.

"Look at those Xbox fanboys bicker online. Pitiful creatures. They whine, and they moan, and they cling to a lie: that the Xbox 360 can possibly compare to the PLAYSTATION 3. Just reading their mindless drivel makes you want to put them out of their misery - and out of yours. And there's no better way to shut down an Xbox fan than with the icy cold knife of logic. Join with us today, and learn the secrets of true wisdom: how to be a PS3 Fanboy." - from gameplayer

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SlappingOysters4042d ago

the Xbox one was a bit funnier, but both of these articles are pure gold

SaiyanFury4042d ago

Fan boys are sad, uninformed, small minded people. They root for a console based solely on name and not on merit. Both PS3 and 360 have their good points and bad points. The unfortunate truth is these mongoloids try to distort the truth and get you over to their side. I, for one, have both PS3 and a 360 and I'm happy with both. Fanboy criticisms be damned.

mariusmal4042d ago

yeah sayan same as me. i have both consoles and love them both.

i still think the most fanboys are fanboys because they want both and don't have money for it lol

Dmitry Orlov4042d ago

+Bubbles for telling the truth.

Rofflecopter4042d ago

nothing is better than sitting down and playing gears of war followed by playing resistance 2.. ive had my favorite weekend in gaming.

The-Only-Truth4042d ago

You beat me to it, therefore bubbles for you hitting the nail there!

vickers5004041d ago


LMFAO. I've never laughed so hard at a comment on n4g. Bubbles man, bubbles.

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Asurastrike4042d ago

A nice perspective on these childish fanboy wars. :)

supremacy4042d ago

so.......what else is new, i mean shouldn't the title read something like an idiot's guide to being a fanboy period, and not a ps3 fanboy?

im just saying they should generalize fanboy instead of categorizing it. maybe than it ill sound more professional in my opinion.

SlappingOysters4042d ago

The way I see the word 'professional' on this site cracks me up.

This is your life mate, you only get one. Try having a bit of fun with it.

Asurastrike4042d ago

The article is specifically PS3. I think they did a 360 fanboy version a while back.

SlappingOysters4042d ago

I tend to think the fanboy phenomenon is bigger on the Xbox side. Maybe not on this site, but generally I think most Xbox owners over the last two generations have been passionate gamers.

Where the Sony crowd (especially last generation) had a healthy does of mainstreamers thanks to SingStar, Buzz and co.

thor4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

"Passionate" is not the right word.

"Insecure" IS. If people are very insecure about their console choice, they are more likely to become a fanboy. The fact that the original Xbox was touted as "superior" and yet had fewer games and a much smaller install base than the PS2 fueled these insecurities. Now we are seeing the other side of the coin.

WOAH!! Disagrees!! You KNOW that fanboyism is caused by being insecure, right?!? It's not ABOUT being passionate. You would feel no need to insult the other console if you were simply passionate. We are ALL passionate about gaming, that's why we're here. Fanboys are just insecure.

YouNoob4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

i can tell you where it comes from. ps1 users were bashing the n64 because they were afraid of it and knew it's the better machine. same thing with the ps2, dreamcast and xbox were clearly superior but got bashed by the sony followers. now where sony lost his monopoly status, they droids experience what's called payback. deservingly. but even the most hardened fan girls will learn in time, that they are once again playing on a overpriced but inferior machine. simple really.

ps: look at 1.5, the ultimate specimen of a fanboy.

thor4042d ago

"ps1 users were bashing the n64 because they were afraid of it and knew it's the better machine"

That's called being insecure about your console choice - i.e. you think you may have made the wrong decision.

Danja4042d ago

God of War 2...kills ne game graphically on the Dreamcast , Xbox and the Wii much for the PS2 being inferior..

and btw God of War 2 even looked better than most lauch games for the 360..!!

Shane Kim4042d ago

Younoob, You can talk all you whant about specs and Cell this and Xenon that and so on. BUT PS3 still blows every game on xbox out of the water.

Chuck Norris4042d ago


The same can be said with Xbox fanboys. They got burned hard last gen with the original Xbox. After 4 years of failure, MS decided to call it quits and start anew. With the release of the Xbox 360, Xbox fanboys around the world rejoiced hoping that it will become the definitive console. They accepted it with open arms and chose to ignore its blatant flaws.

With a year's worth of head start, Xbox fanboys already claims victory in this gen's console war, refusing to acknowledge the facts that states otherwise.

YouNoob4042d ago

the hardware my friend. no working online on ps2. no harddrive on ps2. lesser graphx (except god of war).

i owned all the ps but couldnt help the feeling that i got ripped off compared to what the other systems had to offer.

in a way it's understandable that sony got sloppy, when you are dominating, there's not much point in changing things. Microsoft saw that and took the golden opportunity. in the long run it will be good for gaming because sony will have to step it up (if they are able to).

JasonPC360PS3Wii4042d ago

I think the pic pretty much sums up what the droids are, crying, whiny, petition signing, fit throwing babys.

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thor4042d ago

I agree with most of his points ;D

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