Final Fantasy VIII Remastered – Everything you need to know

Vamers writes: "Now that Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is almost here, we thought we would collect everything there is to know about the game, in one a handy guide."

RizBiz1781d ago

The only thing you need to know is that they changed Squall's hairstyle for some unknown reason and it looks really f*cking weird.

on_line_forever1781d ago

Agree with you I don't like squall hairstyle in remaster version

RizBiz1781d ago

It's even more f*cky when you realise that they didn't even change his hairstyle in the CG cutscenes to match.

MeteorPanda1781d ago

it's the same hairstyle squall has in dissidia... it's the same updated model they've picked for squall.

I wish they redid the world map models, it's so tragic compared to the character models, lol

FallenAngel19841781d ago

I don’t get Square Enix’s weird pricing scheme for each of their individual remasters.

- Final Fantasy VII HD is $16
- Final Fantasy VIII HD is $20
- Final Fantasy IX HD is $21.

djplonker1781d ago

That's strange.......

I am pretty sure they are all £15.99 on UK psn

FallenAngel19841781d ago

Nope it’s weird over there too


Final Fantasy VII HD is £13
Final Fantasy VIII HD is £16
Final Fantasy IX HD is £17

jaycptza1781d ago

It's not weird at all, the development costs might have been different. Also VII has a remake coming up so lower the price on remaster to get people to bite

FallenAngel19841781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

It is weird. The production quality for the FFVIII & FFIX remasters don’t look that much higher than FFVII’s remaster. FFIX HD also doesn’t look like it has higher production values than FFVIII HD to justify costing a bit more.

Square Enix is just as weird with their pricing of the NES Dragon Quest titles on the App Store

Dragon Quest is $3
Dragon Quest II is $5
Dragon Quest III is $10
Dragon Quest IV is $15

The FFVII remake has nothing to do with the pricing of the remaster. FFVII HD was released in 2012 on PC, long before Square Enix even had a chance to start working or even considering FFVIIR when they were still handling the FFXIII trilogy, FFXIV’s extensive restructuring, & FFXV’s reformatting.

In fact the FFVII remaster was originally released on sale at $7 during its first release period while it later became a standard $12. Clearly when this remaster was rereleased on other platforms Square Enix just raised the price

Teflon021781d ago

Canada Steam prices
FFVII - $16.99
FFVIII - $24.99
FFIX - $23.99
I think FFIX's price was raised. It was $20 originally I'm pretty sure. When I bought it was half price at like $10

Weird though
I know I didn't pay $27.99 for FFIX on ps4, yet that's the price
FFVII was $15.99 on ps4
FFVIII is $26.99 on ps4
Pricing from SE is always dead inconsistent across the board. It doesn't make sense. Like Octopath being $83.99 in Canada when no games base price is over $80 and on top of it most games on steam are cheaper on release than consoles

Lon3wolf1781d ago

Indeed and on Steam they are £9.99 for 7, 8 and £15.99 for 9 HD's.

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Knightofelemia1781d ago

Still wish there was a physical version

neutralgamer19921781d ago

I think they will have it later and that's what I will wait for

Teflon021781d ago

I wouldn't bank on a physical edition if I were you. I'm like 95% sure you'll be disappointed since FFVII and FFIX haven't got

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Final Fantasy Games That Deserve the Remake Treatment

Final Fantasy has a long running history with numerous numbered titles and spin-offs, but which games stand to benefit from a remake?

gold_drake209d ago

i feel like all of them.
well except 2 haha.

shinoff2183208d ago

Agreed. Ff2 though can be made better, so it's not entirely a lost cause. Ff8 will gets its time. I do wish they'd do the old ones. From ff10 and up those ones still hold up pretty well.

kevco33208d ago

Honestly, I've always felt that VII and up 'hold up well' in that regard. The early 3D games just needed a cosmetic update. But the FFVII Remake is so different to the original in execution that a lot of games could be done in a similar fashion and feel far more modern.

I'm not saying that's a good or bad thing (that depends on your personal preference!), just that they could feel very different.