Koch Media says Epic exclusivity is 'making the industry a better place,' despite gamer backlash

As the first company to announce an Epic Games Store exclusive, Koch Media received a lot of backlash for the decision. However, it seems that the Metro Exodus publisher has no regrets about making it an exclusive. Indeed, it's now stating that the industry will be a better place thanks to the Epic exclusives.

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Juusterey398d ago

I don't know who cock studio's are

Aeery397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

They are trying really, really hard to defend their choice.
So full of shit :D

Juusterey397d ago

They have games on the epic store?
Well no wonder they don't see it as a bad thing

Zombieburger638397d ago

Pc gaming is supposed to be about choice and freedom. egs can go to hell.

harmny397d ago

Yes. You can choose to be a crybaby or an adult.
The store is free. A console is not free. That's your choice.
It's no surprise every developer wants out of steam and their ridiculous revenue split but they didn't have a choice before because gamers hate everything else. Now they do.
Gamers even prefer steam over GOG and they offer DRM free games.

BehindTheRows397d ago

Or you can choose not to support a barebones store that’s trying to shoehorn the industry. Many have chosen that. Making a stand against a business practice that one doesn’t like =! one a ‘crybaby’.

quent397d ago

Maybe you should go check on Sony's revenue split then, don't speak out of parroted ignorance

killswitch80397d ago

still on your PC bro...stop being weird and brave and strong

PapaBop397d ago

Well this is good news, hopefully the warm fuzzy feelings it gives Borderland 3 buyers knowing they are making the gaming industry a better place can help them pass the time while they wait for their game to download as Epic's store doesn't even offer preloading yet.

killswitch80397d ago

They do offer preloading just not for Borderlands 3

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Iceman100x397d ago

Epic obviously wrote this...., and how can it be a better place when certain developers cant even get on your platform if they don't bow down to the exclusive model?

ndonnine397d ago

It's called business. Grow a pair, don't buy the game, and move on.

Hungryalpaca397d ago

Seems to be what most people do when it comes to EGS. They don’t buy it.

397d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.