Little Big Planet Levels Being Deleted Due To Copyright Issues

It seems Guitar Hero World Tour isn't the only game dealing with copyright infringements. As Kotaku reports, complaints are spreading across the official Little Big Planet forum, with players' arguing that their custom levels are being "moderated" -- or, to use less euphemistic language, "deleted forevermore" -- without warning or much explanation from Media Molecule. But there seems to be one common thread tying together many of the deleted levels: use of copyrighted materials.

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DavidMacDougall4042d ago

As much as this is an issue with LBP Kotaku should just shut there mouth about anything ps3 related because its always negative

tehReaper4041d ago

Not always, but it seems to be the case a lot of the time.

Just a question, are they deleting levels with blood splats or anything like that?

barakiu4041d ago

the gameplay looks boring anyway.

Bathyj4041d ago

Shows what a bad judge you are. I thought when I got it I was pretty much only going to play the editor most of the time, I was dying to create, but the levels supplied with the game are incredible. Some are just sevearly brilliant.

And tell me one other platformer that take weight and momentum into account. This is why i think some people need to get to grips with the controls. In Mario you stop pushing the stick and he pretty much stops instantly. In LBP Sackboy has weight and takes a split second. This realism runs through the whole game and makes it feel like no other platform game in existance.

Some of the contraptions verge on mindblowing. I wish I was an engineer, you could really make something special.

I can safely say, even without the editor I would still recommend this game to anyone. Oh yeah, Co-op is an absolute hoot. Going to my sisters for 4 player co-op tommorrow, cant wait.

buy a ps34041d ago

youtube had the same problems and it is still popular.

-GametimeUK-4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

"And tell me one other platformer that take weight and momentum into account."

erm... dont all platformers take weight and momentum into account?
for example a brick will fall with the momentum of gravity and kill you with its weight (or a mixture of weight and momentum at the same time)

Danja4041d ago

you still didn't answer his question though....did you even read his comment properly..

LBP is the 1st platformer to really emphasize on realistic physics..that's what he meant where as mario games the physics are predictable...take ur hand off the X button and the brick stops moving immediately..where as in LBP the brick actually takes a split second to stop as it would in real life..

SL1M DADDY4041d ago

This stuff will not bother you. People complaining about their levels with copyrighted material in them being deleted should think about how stupid they look. The user agreement says they cannot post up levels with that stuff in them so they made their own bed and can lay in it.

The game by the way is an absolute blast.

ultimolu4041d ago're pushing it alright.

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Damphear4041d ago

this game is 100% fun and people that dont like this game have no mind of there own and have to be told what to like!!!


RememberThe3574041d ago

Did you just contradict yourself?

PistolPumptMonk4041d ago

With something this innovative it is understandable that a few wrinkles will have to be ironed out. Enjoy the masterpiece we have for now my friends.

Bigrhyno4041d ago

Nice to see Kotaku on top of a bad PS3 story. Really copyrighted materials such as a picture of Mario or something like that is not needed in these levels and once people figure out that they aren't allowed we won't have a problem. The game is effin awesome by the way.

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The story is too old to be commented.