Call Of Duty: World At War: Activision's Launch Night In Australia


"We asked the guys at OzBoxLive if they wouldn't mind doing a little feature on it if they were heading over that way. Cam was nice enough to dedicate many hours to the task and slave away to bring you this report.

The turn out was huge, the Call of Duty Girls circled for two 8 hour shifts, taking photos and generally looking really good. Which was noticable distraction for some gamers as they walked around the Swinbourne Event area.

As the night grew on it was increasingly difficult to get a machine and play, especially in the P.C section.

At around 11pm a fire alarm was tripped and every one was told to leave the building until the all clear was given. Added a good mix up to the night as it got some of the hardcore gamers off the machines and gave a chance to some other people to enjoy the game."

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XboxOZ3603656d ago

First this and someone else has to cover it, then the Champion Of Gaming Tournament in Sydney this Friday with Tiger Woods and Roger Federer . .damn, I wish I was better at gaming . bugger.

But thanks guys for covering this for us.

I think this game will set a few ppl back a few pegs actually.

Sure, it's NOT COD4, it's NOT meant to be, but it can be compared to it - why?

Because it's the 5th iteration of the wait for it FRANCHISE . . . . so naturally each one will be compared to the other.

It didn't seem to both IW when they were the Top Dogs when COD4 was being compared against COD3, but now the tables are turned, seems some at IW don't want Treyarch comparing the two games 0 well gee shucks.

They are BOTH Call Of Duty games hello.

gaminoz3656d ago

Yeah I read about the spak attack the IF guy had over Activision's Treyarch guy comparing the two.

We sure are getting more events here in Oz!

XboxOZ3603656d ago

Yes we are, and it's nice to have some sun shinning on our side of the globe for a change.

Not everything has to happen in the UK or USA. Many Publishers are seeing Australia as a great launching pad, as we are basically 16 - 20 hours ahead of the rest of the world depending on location. SO doing events here means they are effectively out a day early than their "scheduled" dates in the other major regions.

SO they are sending teams here. Ubisoft did it with EndWar, Far Cry 2, and POP, we interviewed teams from Montreal and Shanghi here in Sydney, they held great press events and showed the games off to retailers in lavish shin-digs spare no expense.

Acj23233656d ago

I think this game will be a hit, even know Treyarch has been talked down after there last failure attempt at call of duty 3, now the reason i think its good is simply because they are using the call of duty 4 engine................ call of duty 4.1

Iv played the beta and i liked it, its what i loved so much about call of duty 4 but with some very good tweaks that make the experience even better.what brings this game down is that its set in WW2 again!!!! ahhhhhh *sigh*

XboxOZ3603656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

The COD4 Engine is just that, and Engine, just like the Unreal Engine 3 (or 4 when it appears in late '09), as it's the Frostbite Engine from DICE or Ego Engine from Codies.

Engines are used to allow the developer to concentrate on the "gameplay" not the mechanics of a game. If a developers can hire/rent/licence a game engine, which a huge amount of them do, it gives us as gamers a better quality game. Rather than havingthem have to spend 2/3rds of the time working on code getting the game to run properly, the other 1/3rd on making the game . .

WWII has SO much more still to tell mate. There's numerous aspects which have never been shown yet or approached from different angles. Like the fact if the Germans had of gotten their jet fighters ready earlier, they couldhave truned the tide in the war. Or from the Germans side where the German Airforce fought against the Riech to go back in the air.

The Japanese invasions and how those tours were fought .

They are just as valid as any other . . .

What will you say when To End All Wars Fronts later on . .It's based in WWI, not big machine guns or armoured tanks. Slightly armoured 'cars' pretending to be tanks, Large, heavy and cumbersome machine guns that belonged on tripods, not hanging off a mans arm, and many single shot rifles and bayonets.

Acj23233656d ago

WWII as many aspect yes, but do game developers show them all, no they do the same boring stuff over and over and im pretty much over WWII game.

the engine is for use for developers but they ripped it way off the menus the layout everything is the same but with "different" graphics applied to them, it may take a "while" but still alkl the hard work is done for them and that's why i think cod5 can go wrong besides the war its set in.