25% of CDPR employees are women, CDPR To Transition To A Witcher/Cyberpunk Studio

We got to know a lot from CD Projekt Red's half yearly report.


Admin note: Seems people are uppity and think CDPR is promoting women. This is just standard employment structure data and it isn't even aimed at you, the public, but investors and the like. This article put that in the title just to get a rise out of the exact people who are wondering why women are special when the report doesn't specify women over men or vice versus, just part of their employment structure analysis.

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IamTylerDurden1398d ago

As they should. People want more content.

shuvam09397d ago

That was such a bad interpretation...
They meant to say that at any given time they will focus on 2 projects from different franchises...
Nowhere is it mentioned that they are gonna restrict themselves to Witcher/Cyberpunk

Inzo397d ago

They said 25% of their employees are women.........And?

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Christopher397d ago

And that's how they normally present their employment structure material and that's all it is. Expect the same next year. Just standard business for them.

I think you're expecting it to mean more for some reason, it doesn't. Gender is a common metric for large businesses in their employment structure models and reporting.

Inzo397d ago

"I think you're expecting it to mean more for some reason"

Thats what you got from my post?

Christopher397d ago

Yes. I mean, why else would you say "....And?"

Christopher397d ago

Learn better grammar, then. And and so aren't synonyms. Not even in slang.

Inzo397d ago

And and so werent intended as synonyms, I used "so" to make easier for you to understand what I meant and if you cant pick up on that you are the one with the grammatical shortcomings. Speaking of grammatical shortcomings there is no such thing as "better" grammar only "correct" grammar.

Christopher397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

Woof. That's a lot of attempting to make your faux pas seem plausible.

Person A: Boy, that sure is an orange.
Person B: No, that's a strawberry.
Person A: No, I was using orange to mean strawberry, you just don't comprehend it because you dumb.

(psst, me using 'you dumb' was done on purpose in this example!)

Just FYI.

Now, we could have a pissing contest for endless days here, but obviously your intent was to focus on one part of the news without actually reading up on the source and knowing the why. It added nothing. But, I hope you at least understand from my original post that the "and?" or "so?" as you seem to want to make it out to be was explained and it's merely just for standard reporting on the company and their different divisions.

Carry on. Sure to see you in the next article that mentions women at all being a percentage of some work place or the like with a similar statement as provided here.

Inzo396d ago

"Sorry there is no such thing as correct grammar"

I guess you missed the part where it says "opinion".

As for your "pissing contest" comment it would seem that you actually suggest that we were on equal footing when you were never even in the contest which is evident with you escalating the conversation to throwing insults and no I dont see myself as intellectually superior, I just see you as intellectually inferior so there is no point in carrying on with this. You have a good night now.

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sprinterboy396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

Exactly, we shouldn't even be talking about percentages, all companies these days have men, women and employees with disabilities etc.

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monkey602397d ago

I live for The Witcher but I can't see why limiting yourselves to 2 properties is a good idea?

Creatively speaking that seems like a hindrance.

Capcom set out to make a new Resident Evil game but because it was so different from the main series and swayed from the vision, Devil may Cry was born.

Saijahn397d ago

They clearly believe in producing a quality gaming experience so hyper-focusing on their Crown Jewels is a good thing.

I could see if they put money as their chief priority’s they would’ve released more games by now, but Cyberpunk has been their baby for a while now.

Going to trust their approach on this.

monkey602397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

I guess it comes down to how long they keep this approach. The Witcher didn't overstay it's welcome. It didn't really find it's popularity until the trilogy's end even. Cyber Punk has so much potential too.

It's clear CD Projekt Red have the ability to build a world and adapt lore so it's sad to think they won't be creating new ones too

Christopher397d ago

Gwent is ongoing still. As is the entirety of GOG.

The company is more than just the one game, but two games and a whole business of distributing games (which includes an upcoming major Galaxy 2.0 update that aims to combine people from all platforms and multiple services into one place).

antarius397d ago

What exactly is the point telling us how many women work their? Can we file that under who gives a shit?

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Christopher397d ago

It's just standard business employment structure reporting. They aren't "telling you" this info, it's for reporting standards and investors.

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