COD Modern Warfare Microtransactions Will Be Talked About by Infinity Ward "Closer to Launch"

Infinity Ward says they will talk about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare microtransactions as we get nearer the game's launch date.

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Jin_Sakai391d ago

Can’t wait to see how Activision will screw this one up!

Crazyglues391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

Which just means there are Micro-transactions all over this sh*T....
-when there are no Micro-transactions you just say, "No Our game does not have any Micro-transactions...
-But this is COD so Of course it has Micro-transactions and is anyone really surprised... come on' this is Activision we are talking about...

They would put a Micro-transaction on you taking a bathroom break if they could figure out a way to get you to pay for it... So you would come back and it would say that is 2.99 to continue because you went AFK for 40 seconds just now... So learn to pee in 30 seconds or wait 4 hours before you can get back on for free... LMAO...

Nitrowolf2391d ago

MT are a given, I just hope they aren’t bad
But hope the wrong word to use when talking about Activision

quent391d ago

They're probably also going to start charging for reduced respawn times as well

Nyxus391d ago

That's always reassuring...

excaliburps391d ago

Way better that they're willing to talk about it now than post-launch, which is what Treyarch did.

Palitera391d ago

"Closer to launch" is not necessarily before launch. :D

Sgt_Slaughter391d ago

Everyone who knows how Activision operates saw this coming and can see how bad it will get.

Hell, CTR got them after they promised none were coming.

zodiac909391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

LOL is ANYONE surprised by this shit?? Its Activision, they will either launch with No microtransactions, then a month later throw them in. OR come up with a different, yet equally scummy business model for the Microstransactions..its even more sad that there are so many braindead, oblivious people in the world, that they actually give money to companies like these and keep them alive EACH YEAR....Screw EA, SCREW ACTIVISION.

XxSPIDEYxX391d ago

Talk about them closer to launch to secure as much pre-orders as possible. Activision has lied about microtransactions in the past, even added pay to win weapons in the current Call of Duty game. I expect this to be the worst considering they're not selling a "Tradition Season Pass" this year. Gotta make the money back somehow, even though they already do through the millions of sold copies.

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The story is too old to be commented.