Gears 5 Trailer Explores Multiplayer Maps Available at Launch

A new Gears 5 trailer examines all 11 multiplayer maps that will be available when the game launches next month.

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slate9150d ago

Yikes only 7 mp maps at launch :(

spicelicka50d ago

Pretty sure they have more maps ready, they'll just put more into circulation one by one to regulate.

lxeasy50d ago

They do and @slate91 is just trying to turn the narrative of this story negative

lxeasy50d ago

Overtime more maps will get released... like every other mp video game out there... welcome to the video game industry @slate91

slate9150d ago

GeoW 1 had about 11 maps at launch

mandingo50d ago

I never had a problem with there being only a few maps at launch as long as new ones come relatively quickly. I think 7 arena maps is good. Gives you a chance to learn them.