9 Classic Disney Games That Deserve the Aladdin & Lion King Treatment

With the news of Aladdin and Lion King re-releasing, we got to think about nine other games we'd love to see get the same treatment.

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-Foxtrot464d ago

They just need a huge Disney collection to be honest

PhoenixUp464d ago

Why are you making an article that amounts to the Disney Afternoon Collection? More classic Disney games should be handled like Mickey Castle of Illusion or Ducktales

Inzo464d ago

Darkwing Duck & Chip and Dale absolutely.

Relientk77463d ago

Quackshot and Gargoyles

They need to bring back the Gargoyles cartoon or do something with that amazing IP

AnubisG463d ago

The Lion King and Aladdin treatment? No, that id not a trestment. That is a lazy cashgrab. They should have remade those two like DuckTales was remade.