Destructoid Review: Legendary

Review by Dyson:

"I'm pretty sure that everyone and their mother is playing a certain other game right now (rhymes with beers at four - poo), but, surprise, there are other releases that have come out that may be worth your attention, such as Spark Unlimited's Legendary.

As the only werewolf hunting, griffon killing, golem destroying action FPS on the market, the title certainly has a big chance to bring something new to the genre. But does the game live up to its title? Hit the jump to see whether Legendary is, well, you know ..."

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theEnemy3630d ago

That review doesn't seem so bad, unlike IGN's review. lol

jollygoodchap83629d ago


So according to them Legendary>Fable 2...uh huh, right

Least they got it right with Too Human 2/10