Man of Medan Is Not the Until Dawn Follow Up You Were Hoping For

Greysun from Twinfinite writes:

"Ever since Until Dawn launched back in 2015, fans have been wanting a proper follow up to Supermassive's horror title, unfortunately, Man of Medan isn't that."

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IamTylerDurden151d ago (Edited 51d ago )

It appears that way.

I was shocked to see Until Dawn was only a 79 Metacritic, but Man of Medan is just a 69 People loved Until Dawn and despite some minor flaws, it was an awesome game. It seems as though Supermassive produced an inferior rendition for all platforms. Apparently the game itself would've scored worse, but the weird multiplayer mode actually picks it up. I'm just interested in the sp, so it doesn't bode well for me.

I'm actually quite surprised the game is seemingly so poor considering Supermassive was squirreling away funds, dogging Sony projects and supporting Dark Pictures instead. I expected Man of Medan to be a polished, high level game considering Bravo Team and The Inpatient suffered at the hands of it.

I have no interest in supporting Dark Pictures after reading the reports and just witnessing Supermassive's behavior. They will have to win me back with some quality PS4 software at this point. A publisher should respect every project.

Abnor_Mal51d ago

How long is this game as far as gameplay hours. I heard before the game came out people saying it was on the short side.

Would it be better to wait for the entire anthology to be released and then get the total package. But who knows how many years that would take to happen.

SkatterBrain51d ago

I Like the Way Julia Talks with her teeth closed in PewDiePies Lets Play her facial expressions are everywhere

greysun12351d ago

It took me about 5 hours to finish the story once

TravieTrav51d ago

Seen some Youtubers upload the full game in close to 3 hour videos. Unless they edited it a bit, I'd say 3-5 hours for a full playthrough.

Tech551d ago

Man of Medan isn't the whole game. it's the first entry into a series of stories.

wheresmymonkey51d ago

It's about five hours a playthrough. But just like Until Dawn, it has multiple endings and lots of different things happen the more you play it.
So 20ish I would say to do everything and see all the things.

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bishup2551d ago

Just reminding. Dark Pictures is a anthology of stories.
there are 3 more parts left.

FishTank51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

right. apposed to "Control" which is complete. Dark Pictures has only just begun.

Larrysweet51d ago

These games will nvr score high just play it

mandingo51d ago

Seems like you're mad supermassive isn't making games for just the ps4.

Cosmicpangolin51d ago

You’re the only one who seems to care about platform. I think the concerns and questions seem legitimate. I look forward to trying this but waiting on the other entries seems sensible.

Unspoken50d ago

Um, why not play the game first then do a review instead of the other way around...

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quent51d ago

The writing, characters and facial animation in this one is hilarious

Genkins51d ago

it looks like their typical work.
this actually did better than hidden agenda.

BLizardXD51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Supermasive is using the same mo-cap tech they use in all of their projects.

HMC from Cubic Motion -

HeisenbergX50d ago

Yeah i noticed .. i’ve been watching Felix play it and the writning and the premise is so bland and mediocre makes me really miss Until Dawn what an aweosme game that was. Reall shame it didn’t get a pro patch or something becase it works like a slideshow otherwise i would replay it right now.

sander970250d ago

I had a great time playing this with my bro I guess it's one of those games where company matters most, especially since it's in all ways just a movie you control sometimes.