Cliffy B Doesn't Deserve Press Coverage, Infinity Ward Community Manager Should Be Fired: wraps up the week in gaming news with response posts to the biggest events of the week. An extensive look is given to the surplus of coverage that Cliff Bleszinski has gotten, as well as the insane blog post from Infinity Ward's Community Manager earlier this week.

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RKRigney4562d ago

Cliffy really does get WAY too much attention. I got nothing against the guy, but COME ON.

tinydancer4562d ago

Yeah I don't understand why the gaming press has made him out to be such a star.

Danja4562d ago

Because he disses his pair which will get him attention , but it's for the wrong reason....

dats how the media works , ne thing negative gets more attention...

tocrazed4you4562d ago

Cliffy doesn't deserve any news but he gets it from this site

Bnet3434562d ago

I just want to know what the guy did so bad that everyone all of a sudden started bashing him. If he made a game no one cared about I'll be like "look dude you suck at making games, just go away" but he helped make Gears of War and let's not forget Unreal Tournament (even though UT3 sucked ass). Anyway, it's good when developers speak what's on their mind. People like Cliffy B and David Jaffe are cool dudes who like to say things and don't care what others think.

PS: Any here remember Unreal Championship? They should bring that back for another go ...

Bnet3434562d ago (Edited 4562d ago )

Here's something great that slapstic pointed out:

"Gaming site has proven that a lot of gamers are morons."

Referring to people here thinking he was being Cliffy was being serious about it. Good job guys.

godofthunder104562d ago

I can't belive fanboys.Cliff was just makeing a few joke and they act like he's curseing god.The fact is that every game developer think that their game is the best.I'll admit that i have a 360 and i wouldn't trade it for a ps3 for anything.I think that it's a better system with games.I will admit that it does have a high defect rate unlike some 360 fanboys.The fact is that this is my opponion.They have people that think the same about the ps3.That's their opponion and i respect it.I want act childish and call them stupid or other names just because they have a ps3.I wish that they enjoy it as much as i enjoy my 360.

Ps3 fanboys never had a problem with the guy who created mgs4.he claimed that mgs4 was the greatest game that was ever made.He also said that he hates the 360 and it was not powerful enough for mgs4.All the ps3 fanboys couldn't wait to get on line and agree with him.His remarks about the 360 wasn't strong enough to put mgs4 on wasn't even true.They had top people from the company that put mgs4 out said that the 360 is powerful enough but it has to many cut scenes to put on 1 disc like BR has.

The fact is that fanboys from both sides should give credit where credit is due.Ps3 fanboys act like they hate halo 3 and gow just because it's on the 360.The same people would be saying that they were great game if they were on the ps3 and mgs4 sux if it was on the 360 and vice versa with 360 fanboys.They claim that they are over rated and sux.The fact is that they both out sold mgs4.The same for 360 fanboys they act as if mgs4 and kz2 are the worse games.The fact is that i hate mgs4.I think that it has a stupid story line and to much cut scenes but some people like it and i hope they enjoy it.I will also admit that i think kz2 will be a great game and i wish that it was on the 360.It look like it should win game of the year,we just have to wait till it comes.

The point i'm trying to make is that people should be honest.The fact is that just because some one likes the ps3 more then the 360 they shouldn't say that every game sux on the 360 and the same goes for 360 fanboys.The fact is that they like games on the other system but want admit it instead they act like a bunch of kids fighting over witch one is better.The fact is that they are both great systems with great games.Both systems have good things about them and bad things and they both have good and bad games on them.The fact is that the same game looks better on the ps3 some times and some times it looks better on the 360.The fact is that they are so close that you can't hardly tell.Fanboys might as well get alone the fact is that both system isn't going any where they are both here to stay.

AAACE54562d ago

All it really is, is that they are trying to get icons for gaming to make it more mainstream!

In Japan you have Shigeru Miyamoto, Tomonobu Itagaki, etc. and now they are trying to get others to become well known, like the Housers, Will Wright, Cliff B.

To some extent... It's like when people saw that a movie was from Steven King... They knew what to expect! Or if something came from George Lucas etc.

Overall, it's just another way to try to make gaming even bigger than it is, and give us something to talk (or laugh) about!

Jecht4561d ago

Do you know why you only have 1 bubble? I mean, beyond the obvious fanboyism you exude? It's because you ALWAYS post books as responses. Seriously, I'd have CTS by now if I were you.

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tinydancer4562d ago

That article about the LBP reviews being worthless was crap.

hombrehambre4562d ago

I thought the article from the Infinity Ward guy was pretty funny.

Volvobug4562d ago

I agree with EVERYTHING said here...

CrippleH4562d ago

I don't like websites telling what should and what shouldn't.
Cliff made a great game and that's all that's important.

Panthers4562d ago

I agree. He has an outgoing personality, something that is probably rare in his line of work. He just attracts attention.

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