Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford Accused Of Contempt In Latest Court Filing

The latest filing follows months of legal disputes between the CEO and the company's former general counsel.

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leemo191732d ago

2k or take two need to fire these bozo already, his a plague at gearbox.

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lptmg1732d ago

they have no saying towards Gearbox whatsoever, all they do is publish one of Gearbox's games. That's like saying Activision can tell FromSoftware what to do internally.

Bleucrunch1732d ago

Gearbox is an independent Developer, not much can be done with them as they are their own entity. The best that could happen is TakeTwo not do future business with Gearbox which is just not good business seeing as how Gearbox are pretty dam good at what they do. Gearbox CEO is only hurting his company in the long run of things though as no company wants to deal with another headache company.

porkChop1732d ago

Gearbox is privately owned. Randy is the CEO and President. There's no getting rid of him unless he resigns.

JackBNimble1732d ago

If you gamers are serious and want to actually do something about this clown then just don't buy his games ... easy .

This guy is one of gaming's biggest douchebags .

traumadisaster1732d ago

Who cares what he or any of them do, I buy for the quality of the game. I'm not sure how me sitting in my house playing a video game has anything to do with what the administrators do.

When you say gamings biggest douche, he not in my or your circle of gaming, and is in a media/dev article about a devs personal life and we not part of his gaming circle.

I do the same for movies, I try not to hear any of those idiots speak in public and just watch the movie. Same with sports

HaVoK3081732d ago

They are limited due to contractual obligations. More than likely.

obidanshinobi1732d ago

If he makes them money they don't care.
You think these big companies have morals?
As long as his public image doesn't effect sales in a negative way, which it probably won't. they don't care.

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Segata1732d ago

Scumbag continues to act like scumbag. More news at 11. How people support this POS is unreal

SamPao1732d ago

you know the word "accused" ?

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carcarias1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )


Don't worry buddy, I still got it ;)

1nsomniac1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Finally people are starting to realise what a scumbag this guy is!

Now people have to realise that although Randy is the biggest scumbag, Gearbox as a whole is only a small step behind him.