PlayStation Plus Free Games for September: Batman: Arkham Knight, Darksiders 3

Become one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse or the caped crusader himself in next month’s lineup.

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bouzebbal508d ago

Nice. Now I need Ps+ since January I didn't renew it.

UltraNova508d ago

Damn nearly bought Darksiders 3! Awesome month afaic.

darthv72508d ago

I own both (in steelbook form) but this is a nice month for those who have played neither (or one)

Imortus_san508d ago

The best month this year on PS plus.

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LucasRuinedChildhood508d ago

This is a really damn good month and we haven't had a bad one in a while. I'm interested to see what Darksiders 3 is like given its mixed reception. I was really interested in it when it came out but I was distracted by other things.

UltraNova507d ago

Played the 2nd which was also a PS plus giveaway and although not perfect it was damn fun.

IamTylerDurden1507d ago (Edited 507d ago )

Phenomenal month. I own Batman, but i don't care because i love Darksiders and almost bought Darksiders III multiple times, but was still so expensive.

Darksiders III is under a year old, that's an impressive AAA title for PS+.

PS+ has been very good lately. Wipeout Omega and Sniper Elite 4 last month.

Christopher507d ago

Darksiders 3 is good. Arkham Knight is okay, but much better than last month at least (IMHO, of course).

windmill145507d ago

Yeah not bad at all, now Arkham asylum, city, Knight and darksiders 1,2,3 have all been free on ps+ at one point

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Kran508d ago


Both games I already own and have completed ;'(

A common occurrence for me.

sprinterboy508d ago

Yep unlucky myself buddy, but it does mean I can trade the physical disc game in and put the money towards a game, maybe £10 trade in for the both.
Fuk it, McDonald's it is.

neutralgamer1992508d ago

I like how you went from maybe buying another game to McDonald's 😂

assassin2k508d ago

Yeah I have done this with CEX. The trade in prices remain the same despite PS Plus so I got a pretty good trade in price for Steep and others.

RedDevils507d ago (Edited 507d ago )

that Ps+ is always give out games 70% people already owned. I'm not saying it's bad it's still good to those who never played it.

Smokehouse508d ago

Nice! I wanted to try darksiders 3, loved the first one.

Agent_00_Revan508d ago

Yea, I was clearing up some of my backlpg before I grabbed this. Glad I waited!

Jimneous508d ago

Unlucky for me, I just bought it a few days ago.

The Wood508d ago

Never buys games so close to the end of the month.

IamTylerDurden1507d ago (Edited 507d ago )

PS+ has been on fire

September - Darksiders III and Arkham Knight

August - Sniper Elite 4 and Wipeout Omega

July - Detroit and Heavy Rain

June - Borderlands and Sonic Mania

May - rare weak month

April - The Surge and Conan

March - Modern Warfare and The Witness

February - Hitman, For Honor, MGS4

January - STEEP, Zone of the Enders, Amplitude, Portal Knights

December 2018 - Onrush, Soma, Iconoclasts, Steins Gate

November 2018 - Yakuza Kiwami, Bulletstorm Remaster

Muzikguy507d ago

Wow look at all those great games. I hadn't thought about it much myself since I don't have Plus.

RedDevils507d ago

Look like Feb is the only month I regret not resigning, other than that I have all of those games.

IamTylerDurden1507d ago (Edited 507d ago )

September 2018 we got Destiny 2, God of War 3 Remaster, Here They Lie. We got 7 total games that month. The past 12 month of PS+ has been superb.

TGGJustin508d ago

Already own both but this is a fantastic month regardless. Darksiders 3 is highly underrated.

Battlestar23508d ago

Give us newer games please like God of War. Also give us a better services like gamepass I'm tried of buying games and now only want to rent them.

Applejack508d ago

“I'm tried of buying games and now only want to rent them.”

Oh boy, Microsoft must have you on speed dial!

RiPPn508d ago

Darksiders 3 is newer than God of War.

Araragifeels 508d ago

You are not a clown. You are the entire circus.

Dragonscale508d ago

But you must have gamepass its on xbone lol, or you could try ps now but its not on xbone.

2pacalypsenow508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

Gamefly, redbox

bluefox755508d ago

I can't imagine anyone who owns a playstation and was interested in God of War, hasn't already played it tbh. As far as gamepass, if you prefer not to own games, use a redbox, no monthly fee. Either way though, it sounds like PS4 may eventually have gamepass anyway.

Smokehouse507d ago

Yeah that’s just crazy. If you had any interest it should have been played already. I just saw it on sale recently for like 20 dollars.

neutralgamer1992508d ago


Like ms so you want less quality and empty promises of DA power of the DA cloud

Sony can't put their quality games on $10 game pass becsues their games people actually want to buy

IamTylerDurden1507d ago (Edited 507d ago )

Right? Spider-man sold 13.2 million copies and it just released a Game of the Year Edition today.

Uncharted 4 at 15 million sold.

HZD over 10 million.

God of War over 10 million.

GT Sport about 7 million or over 9 million players.

Lost Legacy and Driveclub in the 4+ million range.

Killzone SF and Infamous SS are in the 6 million sold range, each.

Bloodborne 5-6 million sold.

Drake Collection and TLoU Remastered each sold 7+ million.

Days Gone is almost at 4 million and reasonably could reach 5-6 million lifetime.

IamTylerDurden1507d ago (Edited 507d ago )

Darksiders III is newer than God of War and both Batman and Darksiders are AAA games. It is a great month.

PS+ just gave a pretty recent AAA console exclusive in Detroit. Sonic Mania isn't that old. Yakuza Kiwami isn't terribly old and Sniper Elite 4 is not very old either. PS+ has been superb. Even games like For Honor, Wipeout, Rime, Absolver, Edith Finch, and The Surge were good gets and not ancient.

507d ago
TKCMuzzer507d ago

Eh, your timeline is a bit a miss.

507d ago
rainslacker507d ago

Chances are, you're going to have the better newer games more than the lesser known, older games.

bluebenjamin507d ago (Edited 507d ago )

everybody that's laughing at you say they buy new consoles for new games, make up excuse for ps4 not functioning with ps2 and one games, but now they defending owning something they admitted to already not having a damn care for when a new console replaces the other

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