Four Ways Man Of Medan Differs From Until Dawn

From PSU: "You’d be forgiven for thinking that The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan is quite similar to Until Dawn. And, whilst the core concept and the way the games play out are very similar, there are a lot of small changes and alterations that have been made by Supermassive Games that help to differentiate Man of Medan from their previous works."

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IamTylerDurden1425d ago (Edited 425d ago )

Or ten ways.. Medan - 69 Until Dawn - 79

I kid, i kid. But really, Supermassive had it coming. They disrespected Sony and their own devs with Bravo Team, ask the people who worked on it. The execs at SG need to get it together. It's unfortunate for those who don't own a PS4 and were interested in Until Dawn. Maybe just buy a PS4 or hope the rest of the anthology is better? PS - I know Metacritic is not always consistent and neither are reviews, but by all accounts Man of Medan is flaky and i don't mind ripping Supermassive because they've been a little scummy lately.

Platformgamer424d ago

1: quality, until dawn is 10x better
2: gameplay, man of medan has less
3: story, nothing comparable to until dawn, which was way more interesting and captivating
4: just buy until dawn if you haven't already and diss this abomination.