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Man of Medan is a thinner, flawed follow-up to Until Dawn that is saved by its online co-op mode.

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After10Ben392d ago

The game isn't out yet, but the PSN store shows 129 ratings. How's that work?

Applejack392d ago

Maybe after pre-ordering, it opens up the ability to rate even if the game isn’t released. It wouldn’t make sense but it’s just a thought.

After10Ben392d ago

Oh, I guess that makes sense, sort of. Thanks for explaining it to me.

FullmetalRoyale392d ago

Applejack is correct in their assumption. It's ridiculous, but that's how it works. Most every unreleased game has four stars. Which I figure means most rate it 5, and some rate it one. It's pretty corny.

IamTylerDurden1392d ago (Edited 392d ago )

If you preorder you can score games on PSN before they are out.

Man of Medan is a 70 Metacritic PS4 and a 71 Open Critic which encompasses all platforms.

I'm not surprised Dark Pictures is getting mediocre scores. Since the game isn't PS4 exclusive it doesn't use the Decima Engine like in Until Dawn. The anthology just doesn't look like it has the production value or character depth that Until Dawn has and it has half the characters.

A2X_392d ago

Wouldn't call 6 mediocre though. It's seems to be a good-average game. I've seen some 7's & 8's here and there.

NarutoFox392d ago (Edited 392d ago )

I guess Until Dawn was their best game

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TeamIcoFan392d ago

In before the same group that trashed Until Dawn start screeching "This site is biased! BS Review!" and other typical responses from this crowd.

YodaCracker392d ago

It’s happening right now with Control.

Abnor_Mal392d ago

Why does the author say "Man of Medan is a thinner, flawed follow-up to Until Dawn..."? Does this game have anything at all to do with Until Dawn, are they in the same universe and events from UD are referenced? Would anyone who did not play UD understand any reference made? What about people that own an XBox One and never got a chance to probably play since UD was exclusive to the PS4, and Man of Madan multiplatform?

It's most likely not as I'm saying, but meant as their next game while disregarding all the other games they've developed afterwards. The Impatient could be considered more a follow up even though it was set before UD.

392d ago
monkey602392d ago

It's just the same developer making a similar game. The comparisons are fair and to be expecting I reckon

Neonridr392d ago

Both games are similar in genre and formula. Thus the comparison. Neither game has any direct reference to each other (that I know of).

Abnor_Mal392d ago

To all that replied, thanks. I was only thinking plot and not the formula of how the game plays.

IamTylerDurden1392d ago (Edited 392d ago )

The Inpatient was a short VR exclusive, Rush of Blood was an on rails FPS that was VR exclusive.

Dark Pictures has far more in common with Until Dawn as it's the last non VR release from Supermassive and it's looked at as almost a spiritual successor.

Until Dawn is by far the most relatable game (from Supermassive) to Man of Medan. It's what Supermassive is known for and it's the same exact genre and the same type of platform.

Obviously Until Dawn is the natural comparison, don't be mad because Man of Medan doesn't live up to it according to critics.

Unfortunately for Xbox fans Man of Medan doesn't appear to be the equivalent of Until Dawn, but at least they can get an idea of what it's like.

Abnor_Mal392d ago

Why would I be mad. I just asked a question that I failed to answer for myself. Was not anything more than that. But thanks for the information.

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IamTylerDurden1392d ago (Edited 392d ago )

It's surprising that the anthology is off to a bad start because Supermassive basically allowed Bravo Team and The Inpatient to dissolve into unfinished disappointments due to the fact that they pulled people off those projects to work on Dark Pictures. Bravo and Inpatient were struggling with a fraction of the manpower that they should've had while an unsigned project (at the time) got all the attention and manpower. Members of the Bravo and Inpatient team were begging for more people, time, and resources but the top brass wouldn't budge. The brass at Supermassive only delayed the games because the test reviews were absolutely atrocious.

Basically Supermassive screwed Sony on two dreadfully unfinished games, particularly Bravo Team, in order to bolster their pet-project Dark Pictures. Also, Until Dawn and Sony made Supermassive games what they are so i find it unsettling that instead of a proper Until Dawn sequel they use the same exact format, advertise the Until Dawn name, and make a huge new project that is neither Until Dawn nor a PS4 exclusive. Serves them right, Bravo Team was grossly underdeveloped and it makes me wonder if they used most of the money allocated for that project on Dark Pictures?

Persian_Immortal392d ago

Yep dont forget Guerrilla Games let Super-massive Games use the Decima Engine for Until Dawn. It was reported a while ago they are working on unannounced ps exclusives likely more shovelware VR while working on these dark picture garbage, clearly trying to make as much money as possible by rapidly developing games and putting no love and passion into their titles, just cranking out mediocre and sub-par games Until Dawn is starting to look like lightning in a bottle a fluke everything after UD has been a stinker, once you make a game like Bravo Team(45 Meta) you are garbage status.

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